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The Reverend Michael F. Hall has been the settled minister at the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church since the summer of 2012. From the outset, Rev. Michael (or just plain Michael, if you please) has sought to build a “Multigenerational Culture,” by creating an atmosphere where each generation is engaged, included and reverenced for its unique and timeless contributions to our unified community.

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Among his most treasured memories of congregational life in Keene are the beautiful, poignant community vigil in 2016 to honor the memory of the 49 lives lost in the horrible violence at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida; the joy-filled service the church put on when he was installed as its 23rd settled minister on St. Patrick’s Day 2013—what a celebration, complete a jazz combo and chocolate fountain; and the annual process he shares with lay-leaders in creating the innovative, whole-church experience known at KUUC as “Month of Sundays.” During his time in Keene, Rev. Hall has also served as chair of the Keene Interfaith Clergy and the United Campus Ministry to Keene State College and is a member of the City of Keene’s Martin Luther King/Jonathan Daniels Committee. Michael also was honored to participate in the presentation, “Learn, Love, Act: The Morals of the Minimum Wage” at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in Providence, RI in 2014.

Michael took his first sabbatical in 2018 which he spent studying historical Universalism in the Monadnock Region. His sabbatical also emphasized contemplative practices and the captivating, restorative powers of Nature. He is currently deepening his own contemplative practice as part of the first class of the Genesis School for Contemplative Living in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Michael is a native of the Bay State, and his first career was in “living history” at a well-known museum in Plymouth, MA. He also spent several years as a Case Manager on the Dual Diagnosis Unit of detox where, among other duties he developed spirituality-based group therapy sessions. He lives in Keene with his wife Jill and their three children.

Sharing Ministry Moment: December 2021

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”

—William Blake

How delicious! To have a second cup of coffee, (or perhaps mulled cider), while staring out on another quiet, grey morning. How delightful! To snooze in a rocking chair, a book splayed over your chest as you dream your way through another long, dark night. How fortunate we are to have the winter season approaching, and with it long stretches of darkness to rest, plan, play and enjoy simple things that the busyness of other seasons might close us off from.

This December is going to be another unusual episode in our collective lives; with the lingering pandemic and the increased numbers of new infections how could it be otherwise. But here at KUUC we will do our utmost to make your spirits bright: through worship, safe community activities and other growth opportunities.

I love the little quote (above) by William Blake from his “Proverbs of Hell” because of its flexibility. It is at once a plainspoken fragment of wisdom, that can be useful and comforting if taken at face value, especially if the work that you do and the cycle of the seasons are as aligned as they were for so many in Blake’s time. Or it can be read as a meditation on the seasons of human life itself, and what the best use of those seasons might be, assuming one will make it to, or past, their allotted “three and ten years.”

It is good advice, no matter your age, stage or station, to enjoy the winter as much as possible. May you indulge yourselves in it: reading good books, cooking up old family recipes, assembling puzzles while sipping hot chocolate, building snow people, snowshoeing out in the woods in the quiet morning, skiing, singing carols, gathering safely with old friends, singing carols, watching corny Christmas movies, telling stories…

You get the idea. In the time of your life, live!

Yours in Faith, Hope and Loving Service,

Rev. Michael


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