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The Reverend Michael F. Hall has been the settled minister at the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church since the summer of 2012. From the outset, Rev. Michael (or just plain Michael, if you’d rather) has sought to build a “Multigenerational Culture,” by creating an atmosphere where each generation is equally engaged, included and reverenced for its unique and timeless contributions to our unified community.

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Among his most treasured memories of congregational life in Keene are the beautiful, poignant community vigil in 2016 to honor the memory of the 49 lives lost in the horrible violence at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida; the joy-filled service the church put on when he was installed as its 23rd settled minister on St. Patrick’s Day 2013—what a celebration, complete a jazz combo and chocolate fountain; and the annual process he shares with lay-leaders in creating the innovative, whole-church experience known at KUUC as “Month of Sundays.” During his time in Keene, Rev. Hall has also served as chair of the Keene Interfaith Clergy, the United Campus Ministry to Keene State College and was a member of the City of Keene’s Martin Luther King/Jonathan Daniels Committee (now the Human Rights Committee). Michael was honored to participate in the presentation, “Learn, Love, Act: The Morals of the Minimum Wage” at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in Providence, RI in 2014.

Rev. Michael took his first sabbatical in 2018 which he spent studying historical Universalism in the Monadnock Region. His sabbatical also emphasized contemplative practices and building a model for spirituality centered in the captivating, restorative powers of Nature. He went on to deepen his own contemplative practice as part of the first class of the Genesis School for Contemplative Living in Westfield, Massachusetts. Rev. Hall looks forward to his second sabbatical which will take place in the spring of 2023

Michael is a native of the Bay State. His first career was in “living history” at a well-known museum in Plymouth, MA, where he portrayed many of the so-called “Pilgrims,” and trained newcomers in the art and craft of historical “interpretation”. He also spent several years as a Case Manager on the Dual Diagnosis Unit of detox where, among other duties, he developed spirituality-based group therapy sessions. He lives in Keene with his wife Jill and two of their children.

SHARING MINISTRY: September 2022

“The secret of living well is not having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company.”

—Rachel Naomi Remen

So here we are, another September, with another summer, however closely it lived up to our expectations: for surprise, adventure or just time to rest, or putter around in the garage or garden—soon to be put behind us. Summer is always passing by too fast, but hopefully it gave us all our fair share of shells and shakes friends, fresh air and solitude.

The most important aspect to summer enjoyment is usually the company we have kept and the rituals we shared with people that we care about. Were we able to help a buddy ready their boat for the new season? Did we barbeque at the cottage by the lake with both our parents and kids? Did we watch the fireworks at the Esplanade with our college buddies, or walk along Ferry Beach with our besties? Summer for me is partly about dusting my family on the mini-golf course—something we somehow never got to last summer—and time is running out for it to happen again this year.

I have had a great summer, as I hope you have had as well.

But I am also looking forward to a fantastic beginning of the new “church year,” as I hope that you are. September at KUUC has rituals too, some planned, such as Ingathering and the annual Water “Communion,” and others unplanned, such as the joyous return of those who were away during the summer—or perhaps even longer—and the remembrances of people who live on only in our memories of them. As I said last Sunday:

“Church is many things: a haven, a consolation, a community, a gathering of like-hearted (why do we always say like-minded anyway?) friends; it is a learning center and source of wisdom. A congregation such as ours is a place where we might reacquaint ourselves with who we are and what we want, where we might grow and change. Unitarian Universalist communities such as ours, help us to sharpen our focus, to remember what is most important to us right now, to surprise us with a new sense of purpose, to something that we feel called to do.”

I hope that you all know you that you belong at KUUC, that, as much as anywhere else your people are here. As you an imagine, there is much to be done—great works and small tasks too. KUUC is a place where you can feel at ease, be who you are and yet be challenged to acknowledge and, (to paraphrase Rachel Naomi Remen), explore “the unanswerable questions in good company.”

As that wonderful hymn reminds us: “You can change the world with your Love.” But I think you know that changing the world is also best done in good company.

Yours in Faithful Service,

Rev. Michael

Rev. Michael’s Schedule & Office Hours September 2022:

OFF DAY: Saturday                                                                 WRITING DAY: Fridays


(I am not always at the office during study and planning time, so call for an appointment if you need to meet on a Monday).

VACATION: As my plan for the week of August 21st -27th didn’t work out I will be rescheduling them over the coming months

OFFICE HOURS: Thursdays 9AM-1 PM & by appointment. Though I am in the office at some point most days.

VISITATION: Thursdays 1-5 PM and on other days as time allows or need arises.

[Call me at (508)821-6092 to schedule a meeting, visit or office appointment]



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