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The President’s Message (August 2022)

Happy August!  I hope that all of you are having an opportunity to get some well-deserved time off this summer.  As is always the case, I have found that this summer season is going far too quickly.

One of the things I love most about KUUC is that there is a place for everyone at our church.  For those who know exactly what they want, and for those who are still searching, all are welcome here.  The last few years has caused the entire world to change, and at KUUC we have also been actively pivoting to continue through these uncharted waters.  As we now prepare for our new church season and look forward to more in-person activities at the church (as conditions will allow), I am looking forward to seeing and connecting with members of the congregation both new and old.  I encourage all of you to participate in our church in as many ways are you are able – we are a richer church when we all share our gifts.  Whether it is by serving on a committee, working with our RE program, volunteering to be a Welcomer or chalice lighter at a service or just sharing an idea you had, your active participation is critical to the life of our congregation.  As the proverb goes, “Many hands make light work.”  As we approach our church’s bicentennial in 2024, there is much to do.  I look forward to each of your hands joining us to move us into our next century as an active, welcoming, spiritual home for all.

With many thanks –

Susie Ericson-West

Board of Trustees

Susie Ericson-West, President


Carl Jacobs, Past President


John Walter, Treasurer, ex-officio



Carol Hill, Clerk

Eloise Clark

Tom Haynes

Matt Aversa

Tina Stevens

Rev. Michael F. Hall, ex-officio



Announcement from the Board of Trustees

ANNUAL MEETING: After the Service on June 19th

More information about the KUUC Annual Meeting will be heading your way on June 2nd. Any questions should be answered in the packet that will include the Annual Report, the proposed Budget for FY ’23 and the warrant.



Committee Contacts

Circle of Caring:  Betsy Zimmerli and Betty Forrest

Committee of the Ministry: Mickey Cronin, Tome Julius & Carol Stamatakis

Covenant Groups: Carolyn Antrim

Fundraising: Open

Investment:   John Bordenet

Middle East Study Group: Jim Smart

Membership: Deb McLay

Music:  Open

Nominating Committee: Jim Peale

Personnel:  Open

Property: Carl Jacobs

Religious Exploration:  Barbara Bryce

Senior Lunch Bunch:  Betty Forrest

Shawls of Love: Darcy Doyle

Slice of Fellowship:  Betty Forrest

Social Action/Green Sanctuary: Open

Stewardship: John Walter

Ushers: Tom Haynes

Wayside Pulpit:  Lindsay Bartlett

Welcoming Congregation: Open

Worship: Gwyn Powers


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