Boards & Committees

The President’s Message

Hello everyone,

I want to thank all of you for coming to the meeting last week, and approving our budget for the next 6 months.  And thanks to those who came in spirit, we know you are out there.

With Thanksgiving coming on quickly, and knowing how much work it is to prepare that special meal, do take time to be with family and friends, share, take a walk, take a breath. It’s not just about the Turkey! Talking about spirit, let us bring the spirit into the upcoming holidays as well. Hope for a bit of snow, just enough to go sledding, and maybe some ice to go skating.

I have family coming from Ohio, so I am very excited to spend quality time with them. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!


Caroline Stave-Viemeister

KUUC Board of Trustees President

Board of Trustees

Caroline Stave Viemeister, President Elect


Mickey Cronin, President-Elect

Susie Ericson-West, Past President


John Walter, Treasurer, ex-officio


Tina Stevens, Clerk

Tom Haynes

Stella Scott

Barbara Meikle

Rev. Michael F. Hall, ex-officio



Committee Contacts

Circle of Caring:  Betty Forrest and Janet Morrison

Committee of the Ministry: Mickey Cronin, Tom Julius

Covenant Groups: Open

Fundraising: Open

Investment:   John Bordenet

Middle East Study Group: Jim Smart

Membership: Deb McLay

Music:  Open

Nominating Committee: Open

Personnel:  Open

Property: Open

Religious Exploration:  Barbara Bryce

Shawls of Love: Darcy Doyle

Slice of Fellowship:  Betty Forrest

Social Action/Green Sanctuary: Open

Stewardship: John Walter

Ushers: Tom Haynes

Wayside Pulpit:  Lindsay Bartlett

Welcoming Congregation: Open

Worship: Lindsay Bartlett


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