Religious Exploration

Mallory Hicks

I’m so excited to be filling the role of Religious Exploration Coordinator (REC). I grew up in a family of UUs, I’m a 3rd generation which is rarer on the west coast where I was raised than it is here. I always say I was raised by UUs, as most of my childhood wasn’t spent in church weekly; but the 7 principles were our core.

My grandparents and extended family have always been incredibly active in the church. My husband Lewis , as many of you know, is active duty in the USN (retiring next year yay!) and we have 3 kids, Atticus (11) Remington (9 on Halloween) and Oliver (3) When in Keene, we landed we knew that we wanted to get involved with the church right away, having 3 kids that needed a good steady community. We participated in the outdoor RE gatherings over the winter and into spring and summer. They were so important to us and beneficial to our children.

I really feel we’ve found a home, after so many years of moving from town to town, state to state, and twice across the country with littles in tow. I cannot wait to see how the RE program grows and how as a community and congregation we can come together to provide a safe and exciting place for all of our children to explore their world and learn our principles.

Mallory Hicks

Greetings from RE: April 2024

We’ve had steady lessons and Blocks offerings going, and it’s almost time to get our hands in the Children’s Garden. Monthly game nights are underway, please come and play! Bring your families and friends, the dates are spread through email, facebook events, and our Order of Service Inserts, the next one is Fri April 12 at 5:30. I want to thank everyone who donated to the RE food/toiletry drive. We will continue to accept offerings for a couple more weeks, and then will deliver them to the Community Kitchen and boxes around town.

As always if you’ve got a hankering to get involved please reach out, this program doesn’t work without your participation. We’re always looking for seconds/assistants. We also welcome anyone interested in delivering Time For All Ages during the service! This can be anything! Maybe you’ve got ideas for one, or maybe you want to read or perform. However you want to be involved, we welcome it.

RE Offerings this month

  • 4/7 Toolbox of Faith Lesson 4: Flexibility
  • 4/14 Blocks
  • 4/21 RE offering will be a craft
  • 4/28 – We will be listening to a podcast and doing an activity

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement! Mallory



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