KUUC towerThe Keene Unitarian Universalist Church (KUUC) is a Welcoming Congregation. The church offers a Sunday service at 10:00am with Religious Exploration Classes and Child Care also available at 10:00am. A Social Hour follows each service in the Parish Hall.

Services are held in the Sanctuary and will continue until summer services begin on June 19.

We are located just past the center of town, at 69 Washington Street.  Church office hours are 9AM-5PM, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It’s a good idea contact Susan first at 352-1719 or office@kuuc.org.


Message From Murray McClellan Clerk                                           

The Board of Trustees of our beloved KUUC has set Sunday, June 5th as the date of our Annual Meeting.  Per KUUC policy, the Annual Report and Warrant Articles for the Annual Meeting will be distributed by May 25th.

The Stewardship Campaign is Almost Over!  We hope to finish up our Stewardship Campaign in the next few days so we can return to preparing for Annual Meeting and simply being together in community and worship. Please, if you haven’t yet done so, fill out a pledge card or send an email to Susan office@kuuc.org.

You can also pledge online at: http://kuuc.org/old-site/pledgeCard/pledge_form.php Thank you for all the time, treasure and talent you pledge to our church.

An Appreciation

Dear KUUC Community,

Hazel and I want to express our deep appreciation for all your support, love and understanding after the recent loss of Hazel’s son, Adam.  We are both overwhelmed by the shear kindness that came our way. In particular, Hazel’s soul was held in an embrace of love so powerful, she has been able to return to some of her passions that serve our church community. I, having just returned to active participation after a long winter’s absence, feel I made the absolute correct decision to return.  Our experience has brought to our awareness the deep need those in pain have. Receiving written and verbal condolences and offers of assistance does a great deal to sooth the ache that doesn’t seem to go away fully. May we never forget how the cards and messages we received helped us meet our days and nights, knowing we are not alone, and in future make sure we are part of that spiritual community that responds so swiftly to those in need. Thank you all for being you.

Most sincerely, Leslie & Hazel


Tiffany Truth Window
Tiffany Truth Window