Our them for the month of April is “Liberation.” You might ask yourself during this time of shuttered schools and social distancing, what is freeing you from worry. Do you already see that you are finding in this mandated separation an alternative way of being in the world?

You will receive an email with a YouTube link to the service on Friday or Saturday and it can be viewed whenever you wish. Also, with that link will be an invitation to join in the “Zoom Virtual Coffee Hour,” which runs from 10:30-11:30 each Sunday morning.

April 5, 2020 “Is Freedom Just Another Word?”

(Rev. Michael) We begin our first full month of “virtual” worship services, which corresponds with National Poetry Month with a celebration of this month’s theme of liberation through the lens of poetry.

April 12, 2020 “Unburdening Easter”

(Rev. Michael) Perhaps the opportunity to celebrate the timeless Easter themes of rebirth, resurrection and the possibility of true freedom, will be easier to do without the hectic pace that is often associated with this holiday. Let’s make it so.

April 19, 2020 “What the Earth Needs”

(Rev. Michael) As it is “Climate Justice Month” with Earth Day just around the corner, Rev. Michael asks what the Earth needs from us now and what we can do to liberate ourselves along with her.

April 26, 2020 “The New Story”

(Rev. Michael) As we go on biding our time in sequester, we continue to think, to dream, to connect and reconnect with others and to tell our stories. Rev. Michael asks for stories from this strange and risky time to be alive. Please send him your stories, small and large, and let him know what if and thing can and cannot be shared—or can be shared without attribution.



Church Cancelled Today
March 15, The Power of Saying Yes! – My Journey to Teotihuacan

(Rachael Walter) Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city in Mexico, that was home to a group of people named the Toltecs. They were scholars, scientists, artists and healers. The moment I said “YES!” to traveling to Teotihuacan, my life started to change. Spirit is an amazing force!

Church Cancelled Today
March 22, Faith and Works

(Rev. Emily Burr) We covenant to affirm and promote our seven Principles. If we truly want to promote our values, we must reach outward beyond ourselves with action.

Emily was ordained as a UU minister in 2004. She lives in a house built in 1790 in Canterbury, NH with her husband. She is currently a Community Minister of Social Justice affiliated with the Starr King UU Fellowship in Plymouth, NH. This service is yet another free gift provided by the Downing Trust; the same trust that in the past has brought M’ellen Kennedy, Shayna Appel, Jeanne Nieuwjaar to our pulpit.

Church Cancelled Today
March 29, Between Wisdom and Love

(Rev. Michael) Buddhist author Jack Kornfield claims that, “Wisdom says we are nothing. Love says we are everything. Between these two our life flows.” Today we will think together about the wisdom of the heart and the heart of wisdom and share from our experience about each.

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