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Because your health is our primary concern:

Watch Virtual ServiceWith our reopening date of August 1st, 2021 (and our concurrent Live streaming to YouTube), it is important that members and friends understand the principles and rules regarding our reopening. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has not gone away, and is already resurging in places with poor vaccination participation, widespread vaccination has been a real “game changer.” Except for people with compromised immune systems, those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are at low risk of getting infected with COVID-19 and at very low risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19. The board of trustees strongly recommends that members and friends of KUUC who are eligible for vaccination (anyone age 12 or older) get vaccinated. Doing so protects not just one’s self but others as well. 

Our Principles for Reopening:

Safety ~ Choice ~ Inclusivity ~ Flexibility

Safety is our overriding concern. Our newly purchased audiovisual equipment makes it possible to have multiplatform/hybrid worship services that can be watched at home. Thus, those of us who are at higher risk of getting COVID-19, whether due to not being vaccinated or because of having a health condition that makes vaccination less effective, can still attend services, virtually. Our concurrent streaming to YouTube makes it possible for those of us who have other reasons to not attend services in person to attend online.

Although the CDC has basically stated that all activities are safe for those who have been fully vaccinated (provided that they do not have compromised immune systems), the UUA, in its emphasis on inclusivity, has set forth guidelines with the assumptions that not everyone has a healthy immune system and that not everyone is vaccinated (especially given that children under age 12 are not yet approved for vaccination). Thus, the UUA recommends use of masks at worship services, also spacing. Smaller groups (ideally fully vaccinated) may meet without masks, but all group members should be willing and ready to wear a mask at the request of any member of the group. As eating and drinking together inside in large groups is not possible to do while masked, and is a relatively high-risk activity, there will be no coffee hour for the time being—at least not indoors.

With the following rules, attending activities at KUUC will be at least as safe as entering other indoor spaces that are used by the general public.

Our Rules:

  1. People should not enter the church building if they are ill, especially with new onset (less than 2 weeks) of cough or cold symptoms. This does not exclude people with a mild chronic cough or known allergy symptoms.
  2. People (other than for the minister and others speaking from the altar area) will be masked and spaced in alternating pews for worship services – people in the same household and friends who frequently see each other may sit together.
  3. Singing will be permitted, but with masks on.
  4. At this time there will be no indoor coffee hour or other indoor congregation-wide eating or drinking.
  5. Groups of up to 20 fully vaccinated people may meet without having masks on and may share food and drink, but if any one member of the group requests that the group wear masks, all should readily agree to do so, no questions asked.
  6. As taking the temperature of people entering the church and as wiping down surfaces is time-consuming, resource-consuming and of questionable benefit, these practices are not being implemented.
  7. Should the COVID-19 epidemic take a significant turn for the worse, especially if a new vaccine-resistant strain emerges, the board of trustees reserves the right to limit access to our building

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KUUC is a Welcoming congregation.

Worship: 10:00 AM Sunday Mornings

We are a welcoming congregation. WORSHIP SERVICES are held at 10AM. Religious Exploration Services are held simultaneously for your children. Come visit us in beautiful Keene, NH. Worship is at 10:00 Sunday Mornings. View Sunday Service schedule here.

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