December 2, 2018:            This We Believe”                  (Andi Johnson)

As UU’s we are free to explore our spirituality. Join us as we hear from 3 members of our congregation on their beliefs and how we, as a community, come together through our 7 Principles. We will also share our Joys and Concerns with each other.

December 9, 2018:               “Seeing Red”                         (Rev. Michael)

When anger takes us over is there room for anything else? This morning we will look on that powerful emotion and what it is doing to (and for) us. We will also share in a Time for All Ages based on our theme.

December 16, 2018:       “Deborah and Robert”                 (Rev. Michael)

Once upon a time a young woman chose to follow her conscience; which required, among other things, a change of dress. Today we look at gender; how it is defined and who gets to define it. The adults will share their Joys and Concerns and there will be a special story too.

December 23, 2018:      “No Rehearsal Today”                 (Rev. Michael)

It’s showtime folks! Really, we need you to play your part, as we present the much beloved “No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant.” Curtain rises at 10 A.M. As with the rest of Life, the Spirit of Christmas is no dress rehearsal. Joy is the theme of this Multi-Generational service.

December 24, 2018:      “A Star and A Stable”                 (Rev. Michael)

On Christmas Eve, we come out from our homes once again, to follow a star to a stable. What gift will you bring? There will be the familiar story, the lovely old carols, the KUUC Choir will sing and we will seek together for the joy, wonder, and peace of this season of light, love and new life.

December 30, 2018:        “Let There Be Light”                   (Rev. Michael)

Like Religion, Science has always sought the light or followed in the hope of making a better world. Today, we will also look for the bright lights in the world, making a difference and bringing happiness and hope along with change.