March 4: “Three Words That May Change Our Lives” (Rev Olivia Holmes)

Compassion, Caring, Community: these are the three key words of our KUUC draft mission statement. This Sunday I will explore how we might interpret these moving words through the music and story of Peter Yarrow: the Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary.



March 11:      “Of Course You’re Afraid”                        (Rev. Patrick McLaughlin)

“Our culture urges us to strut through the world asserting ‘No Fear,’ and one of Christianity’s messages is ‘Fear Not.’ And yet fear is something we all experience. What does it do to us, and how can we grapple with it?”

Patrick McLaughlin is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester, and a Trustee of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Born in Denver, he has lived all over the West, and grew up in the Australian Outback and in the suburbs of Brussels, Belgium. He is married, and has two adult sons, two dogs, and two cats. In his imaginary spare time, he aspires to learning Arabic, (re)learning Spanish, and finding someone to teach him to play the hammered dulcimer.

March 18:    “The Practice of Saying Yes to Life!”                     (Rev. Sara Hayman)

Paying attention to our mortality can help us see more clearly how we wish to live. This service will invite you to reflect on those things that matter most in your life.

Rev. Sara Hayman serves our UU Church of Ellsworth, ME and is the Vice President of the NNED chapter of the UU Ministers Association.  She lives in Bucksport with her girlfriend, also named Sarah, and their beloved cat, Zorro. Sara grew up in Maine and attended Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago. Before becoming a parish minister, she was a hospice chaplain in a small, rural home health agency in Maine. Sara is delighted to be able to meet the good people of Keene that her colleague Michael Hall loves.

March 25:    “Thoughts of a Unitarian on Palm Sunday”    (Rev. Sandra Whippie)

A Unitarian point of view about Palm Sunday.  Perhaps a small protest march to take a stand.

Rev. Sandra Whippie has a background in education.  Upon retirement she was ordained by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Walpole, where she had been a member for 15 years.  She served that church for 7 years before retiring again. She currently provides Guest Ministry in area churches, and occasionally attends functions at KUUC.  Rev Whippie resides in Keene.  She is presently expecting her 7th great-grandchild!