November 5:                              “I See You”                            Reverend Michael F. Hall

Each of us have sorrows. They are usually based on the losses we have known, the hardships we are going through, the ongoing physical pain we have to deal with or the memory of suffering that we have known. It is hard to live with sorrow, never mind talk about. So how do we minister to ourselves and each other when we the pain comes? Today we will share our Joys and Concerns with each other.

November 12:                      “Life in the Shadow”                                       Rev. Michael

Life often seem like a race, and we are either sprinting out ahead, trying to elbow our way through the pack or lagging behind. Whether it is a race, or only seems that way, it will end; no matter if we can see the finish line or not. Today we explore the mysteries of life and its many transitions. The choir will share its gifts with us and there will be a special “Time for All Ages” based in out theme.

November 19:                        “The Neighbors”                                            Rev. Michael

When we commit ourselves to community and compassion, we commit to creating an ever-enlarging circle of concern, where strangers become neighbors and newcomers part of the family. Let us celebrate the world we envision, where every wall has a door and every table has room for one more.

November 26:      “My Journey as a Musician with Hearing Loss”     Betty Hauck

She has played Carnegie Hall, she played Symphony Hall but that is only part of the story of how Betty Hauck made it to the Sanctuary of the KUUC. Betty will share the incredible story of how the music went silent and how she found her way back to it.