The worship theme for the Month is “EXPECTATION”

Sunday Services begin at 10 A.M. in the Sanctuary followed by Coffee Hour in our Parish Hall.

September 1           “Whose Table Is It?”                              (Carl Jacobs)

At our last summer service of 2019, in a very trying time in our nation’s history, Carl Jacobs asks this important question: “Whose Table Is It?” There will be plenty of good music and food for thought. If you are able, please bring a favorite dish that you would like to share with the community as the service will end with a potluck brunch.

September 8          “Roll Down Like Waters”                        (Rev. Michael F. Hall)

It is Ingathering Sunday at KUUC and we gather to celebrate the new “church year,” the collective journey and life of this community, and the hopeful, justice-driven message of Unitarian Universalism! The KUUC Choir will sing, Jill will share a Story for All Ages and we will take part in our annual Water “communion” Ceremony. So please join us! Bring a small sample of water from a special place for the Water Ceremony, bring a friend, and a something yummy for the Potluck Picnic after the service.

September 15         “Simple Pleasures & Great Expectations”     (Rev. Michael)

In a society of extremes: wealth and want, competitive markets and corporate welfare, environmental depletion and unbridled consumption, it is easy to find ourselves caught up in a shallow, “gimme, gimme” lifestyle. Today we will look at this moment in history and how we might arrive at a more just, safe and healthy future. Religious Exploration Committee member Deborah Dunnell shares a favorite story about an American icon. We will share our Joys and Concerns together and take part in a special ceremony to honor and commission our 2019-2020 KUUC Board of Trustees.

September 22            “I Need Someone To Talk To”              (Rev. Michael)

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America claiming more than 47,000 lives in 2017. As September is Suicide Prevention Month, we will ask the questions: Why? Who? What can we do to help? and consider how we might be help as a people of compassion. The KUUC Choir joins us this morning.

September 29            “Spread the Word, Plant the Seed”       (Rev. Michael)

Tomorrow, September 30th, is called “Universalism Day”, in remembrance of the first sermon preached by the English exile and soon-to-be Universalist Evangelist, John Murray in 1770. Today, Rev. Michael will offer his thoughts on the history of evangelism within our Unitarian Universalist movement and why spreading the word is so