May 6           Mending Our Broken Chalice            Rev Olivia Holmes

What would it be like if our UU worship service centered entirely around the voices and the experiences of black Unitarian Universalists?  What truths might we hear, however difficult?  What might we learn?  How might these black UU leaders teach us to be better allies, better siblings in faith, and even better citizens in our community?  Join Rev. Holmes in opening our hearts and heads to new understandings of our faith.


May 13        When Cries, Do What?                      Rev Sylvia Stocker

Everyone loves a new baby, but parenting isn’t always sweetness and joy. How do we get through the rough times? And how do the difficulties of parenting translate to other challenges in our lives? What works when we have to give and give and give?


May 20                                                                  KUUC Millenials
“Church Is A Four-Letter Word” or: Why Millennials Aren’t Attending Church
There has been a marked decline in church attendance with each generation starting in the 1920’s. Former members of the KUUC Young Adult Group will discuss this trend as well as look at why this is happening, Why Young adults are important in spiritual communities, and what changes can be made to encourage millennial attendance at church.


May 27        TBA                                                  Rev Hank Peirce