SERVICES BEGIN at 10AM on SUNDAY MORNING.  Childcare available in the nursery.


May 7th:                     “Interesting Times”                                  (Rev. Michael)

Lately our national association has been engaged in an important discussion about racial discrimination in its culture and hiring practices; but there is a larger cultural discussion that needs happen. In the years prior to the presidential election—and in the months since—we have seen brutal violence and increased hate speech directed toward people of color. But in the 400 years since the first colonists came to America, has the violence, hatred, sequestration and indignities forced on people of color ever really stopped? Perhaps it is time to stop talking about individual white supremacists and start dismantling our White Supremacist Culture. Today KUUC is one of more than 600 churches taking part in the “#UU White Supremacy Teach-in”. The choir joins us, we will share our Joys & Concerns and there will be a special Multi-Generational Moment based on the service theme.

May 14th:                     “Bidder’s Choice”                                       (Rev. Michael)

For very good reasons, our scheduled speaker for May 14th needed to drop out at the last minute so your usual preacher will need to take his place. Hope you don’t mind. Rev. Michael plans to use this opportunity to make good on an old debt. There will be a good story too—you can count on that!

May 21st:                      “Presently”                                                   (Rev. Michael)

How often have you been told to “keep it in the moment,” and what exactly does that mean? No doubt, being present in the now means different things to different people. So, if keeping in the moment isn’t easy to explain, how do we live there? Today we will share our Joys and Concerns.

May 28th: “What do Manhole Covers have to do with Your sense of Personal Happiness?”                                                                                (Kim Christiansen)

Kim Christiansen, an artist and writer, shares a realization he gained from his unique experience of doing manhole cover rubbings.  Whenever he shows his work, people often tell him they never really noticed the covers and thought they were all the same; but after seeing his work, they will “never not notice.”  Reflecting on this, he began to think how, so often, we tend to see each other, and most importantly, ourselves, in the same way.


It’s hard to believe that in a few short months, we will be celebrating Flower Communion and the Church will go into summer mode.  The Worship Committee has already begun planning for our series of primarily lay-led summer services that will commence on Sunday, June 25th and continue until Water Communion on September 10th.  Summer worship is an important time in our congregation.  It gives everyone the opportunity to be in community if they choose.  While the duties and expectations are lighter, there is still a need to provide the high quality and heartfelt worship we enjoy during the rest of the Church year.

All service leaders will receive all the support they need to feel comfortable about the service they will lead. As part of this, they will connect and discuss their ideas and questions with Rev. Michael prior to the summer service they will lead.  Please contact Mickey Cronin at mfpepera@aol.com with questions about how to get involved.