October 7         “Working On It”                                        Rev. Michael

Church isn’t just prayers and pulpit talks, pageants and peaceful protests. Church is also something we do through work parties and membership development, committee work and service in the community. Come and hear about the ministry of work.  Today is also “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday,” so do the good work of inviting a curious family member or an interested friend to the service and Involvement Fair afterward in the Parish Hall.


October 14       “That’s Blasphemy”                                 Rev. Michael

Abner Kneeland was a Universalist minister, hymnist, newspaper editor, and public speaker whose views on cultural and religious matters were so ahead of their time that he would become the last man jailed for blasphemy.  Join us, as we take a look at our storied history of non-conformity. The KUUC Choir shares its gifts with us today, and we celebrate our Unitarian Universalist Association.


October 21     “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!”     Rachael Walter

The Art of Being!  In a world of busy “DOING”, what does it mean to just BE?  Come and explore the ways in which being true to ourselves, supports and nourishes us, creating a more meaningful and purposeful life.


October 28        “What Dreams May Come”                 Rev. Michael

Whether we are children, adults, parents and elders, all along life’s journey our path is rife with questions and mysteries. Two topics return again and again, enlivening or days and sometimes troubling our sleep at night: What are we to do with this life we have been given? What should we think about Death? You don’t want to miss this Multi-Generational Service and the annual Tolling of the Bell; featuring DRE, and Storyteller extraordinaire, Jill M. Hall, Music Director Carolyn Sweet and the KUUC Choir.