July 14                          “I Don’t Know Why It’s Raining, But. . . .  Being A Sanctuary”    (D’Vorah Kelley)

As companions on this journey, we share the milestones we meet along the way.  Individual moments of joy and sorrow become shared moments of celebration and comfort.  What does it mean to be a Sanctuary for each other on this journey?  (Please bring an umbrella to this interactive service.)                                                                    

July 21                             “Action Heroes”                                                          (Rev. Michael)

In the past few years, popular culture has seen a renaissance of super heroes: in comics, on tee shirts, on TV and especially in the movies. Some might say that this is simply the marriage of an immature, easily distracted and escapist populous to a greedy and unimaginative entertainment industry. Rev. Michael prefers to see it in the likes of the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Black Panther models for truth, meaning, the dilemmas of our time and the fantasies of how it came to be and could be.

July 28                                                                                                                     (Matt Aversa)

August 4                      “Mary Oliver’s Poetry: A Different Theology?”       (Andi Johnson)

When Mary Oliver passed away in January, Andi, like so many others, connected with her poetry. It was everywhere being shared in her memory. Today, we’ll look at some of those poems and how they connect with us, and maybe can guide us, in our everyday lives.

August 11                       “Fairgrounds and Blue Highways”                            (Rev. Michael)

Rambling is one of the things many people like to do in the summer: heading out on a backroad adventure, listening to music wafting from a bandshell, enjoying “Old Home Days” and country fairs. What is this summer rambling all about? Restlessness? Renewal? Routine? How do we know the difference between searching for truth and making meaning from it?

August 18                     “Sometimes it’s the People”                                        (Jenn Wyman)

A church’s message can only go so far. A church with great beliefs may not succeed if the people in the congregation are not inviting and kind. Those on a “church search” will often be more drawn in by how they are received at coffee hour than the sermon they just heard. The importance of community and fellowship cannot be overstated and are so important to the spiritual journey.

August 25                  [TBA]

September 1               “Potluck Communion”                                                  (Carl Jacobs)