April 7                     “Random”                                                     (Rev. Michael)

Our daily lives are built upon routines of activity, within the larger repeats of culture and species, set in the seasonal patterns and biological imperatives of the physical world. As we strive or stumble along within the built landscape of our habitual and historical thinking can we really say that anything is random, surprising, left to chance? Join us!


April 14                   “The Situation Is Untenable”                       (Rev. Michael)

A country of immigrants? Our history shows that we have both idealized and despised the people who sought opportunity, or simply fled more desperate circumstances, in America. Today, the current state of welcoming the ‘huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ is the topic of our second service in the “Month of Sundays: Answering the Call to Inclusion and Racial Equality” series. There will also be a “Time for All Ages” based on today’s theme.


April 21                  “Here and Now, There and Then”                 (Rev. Michael)

Today we celebrate the beauty of our world, the hope in our hearts and the wisdom we gain through the seasons of life. It’s Easter, and this service is a celebration meant for all ages.


April 28                 “May Day Service”                                           (Rev. Michael)

For a century, May Day was a special day indeed for the people of KUUC. The annual May Day festivities were a city-wide event, with a big dinner, a professionally staged pageant and fundraiser “for the good of the people’. Today we will look ahead to the merry, merry month of May, sharing Joys & Concerns stories and song, poems and other pastimes.