January 7:           “The Joy of Creative Community”               (Rev. Michael)      

The joyful community is a creative community and in our first official “Month of Sundays” will revel in the imaginative and inspirational ways we live our principles and enjoy our lives. We will share first Joys and Concerns of the New Year and, as a special treat, Animaterra will join us.

 January 14:          “The Prophetic Community”                        (Rev. Michael)

Our community follows in the proud Unitarian Universalist tradition of service and Social Justice work. Many of our members are actively working for an end of war, to protect the environment, to make sure that people our fed and that the civil rights of all citizens are protected. What more can we do today? Join us today as we celebrate and affirm our KUUC commitment to the larger community through story and song

January 21:         “The Interfaith Community”                         (Rev. Michael)

At the heart of our faith lies a great desire to learn about other religious traditions and to understand and work with people of faiths other than our own. Today we will explore the ways we can deepen our relationships with the other churches, the synagogue and Islamic Center in the region. On this morning, our KUUC Choir returns to share their musical ministry with us, there will be a Time for All Ages based in our theme, and Joys & Concerns too!

 January 28:              “The Historic Community”                      (Rev. Michael)

On the last Sunday of Month of Sundays, we celebrate the history and evolution of KUUC over the years. This being the last Sunday prior to our sabbatical, together we will participate in a ritual of transition: expressing our well-wishes to Rev. Michael, receiving his hopes and blessings to us and welcome our Sabbatical Minister, Rev. Olivia Holmes back to the Sanctuary. This Multigenerational Service will also include beautiful music from our KUUC Choir.