SERVICES BEGIN at 10AM on SUNDAY MORNING.  Childcare available in the nursery.


June 4:                     “The Power of Music”

Music Sunday is an exuberant celebration of our love for music and a demonstration of the array of musical talent within our congregation. This year we celebrate the power of music to bring us together, inspire us, to bring comfort and joy to our lives. In addition to the musical ministry of our beloved KUUC Choir, many others will participate in this joyful hour. Our children with sing a song that they have prepared for us and Rev. Michael will offer some thoughts on the theme.

June 11:                  “It’s a Process”                                      (Rev. Michael)

On the day that we gather after the service for Annual Meeting, and therein celebrate our commitment to the democratic process, Rev. Michael explores where this collective spiritual practice comes from, and why it is so important to Unitarian Universalists. We will also make room for a special Time for All Ages, and share our Joys & Concerns with each other.

June 18:          “How Does Your Garden Grow?”           (Rev. Michael)

Today is Flower Communion, a beautiful ceremony of awakening to the ineffable beauty of life. On this last morning before we begin our summer services, Rev. Michael will reflect on the range of spiritual practices open to us as we consider what it means to awaken to the joy, connection and beauty within us and in the world around us. There will be a special Multigenerational Moment and, of course, the Flower Communion itself. If you are able, please bring a flower from the store or your garden to share. We will also have extras if you forget.  

June 25:         SUMMER SERVICES BEGIN    (Sarah Wilton to lead)


It’s hard to believe that in a few short months, we will be celebrating Flower Communion and the Church will go into summer mode.  The Worship Committee has already begun planning for our series of primarily lay-led summer services that will commence on Sunday, June 25th and continue until Water Communion on September 10th.  Summer worship is an important time in our congregation.  It gives everyone the opportunity to be in community if they choose.  While the duties and expectations are lighter, there is still a need to provide the high quality and heartfelt worship we enjoy during the rest of the Church year.

All service leaders will receive all the support they need to feel comfortable about the service they will lead. As part of this, they will connect and discuss their ideas and questions with Rev. Michael prior to the summer service they will lead.  Please contact Mickey Cronin at mfpepera@aol.com with questions about how to get involved.