Take Action, Social Justice, Green Sanctuary

“The people of KUUC are committed to actively creating compassionate community and working for a fair and peaceful world.”


UPDATE ON SOLAR ARRAY           Submitted by Mark Meess

The Solar Array on the RE wing roof continues to perform well. Production in 2018 was nearly 20 MWh (slightly less than the 21 MWh in 2017).  Overall, in the 2 years since installation, the system has prevented 30,000 kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere! KUUC continues to pay BP Keene LLC for the electricity produced. The church will have an option to purchase the depreciated system in another 3 years.


I am so proud of our church!!!  The efforts this weekend, with many people involved, make our mission alive and real:  We were “actively creating compassionate community,” and our signs and our voices left no doubt that we are actively involved in “working for a fair and peaceful world!”

Friday night, March 23, many from KUUC attended the sign making party in the Parish Hall, joining folks from MPA and the greater Keene community- from young to old.  We made so many signs!!! Extras were taken to the rally and given out on Saturday morning.  We talked about it being one way to build community.

Saturday morning a group from KUUC gathered and then walked together to Central Square, many of us wearing the bright yellow “Side of Love” sweatshirts (we certainly could be seen!). Then we gathered back at KUUC for soup, bread, coffee and desserts.  There were also members of the community that joined us, and they thanked us for having the church open.

So a huge thank you to everyone who helped make signs, donated food, marched, kept the church open, and cleaned up and locked up.  It was a wonderful team effort!

NoteDid you spot the four members of KUUC who were on the front page of the Keene Sentinel?           Gratefully, D’Vorah Kelley 


Long-Haul People ~ by UU Rev. Rudy Nemser, Shared by Rev Olivia Holmes
You find them in churches
when you’re lucky;
other places, too, though I mostly
only know ecclesiastical varieties.
Long-haul people,
Upon whose shoulders
(and pocketbooks and casseroles
And daylight/nighttime hours)
a church is built and maintained
after the brass is tarnished and
cushions need re-stitching

they pay their pledges in full and on time
even when the music’s modern;
support each [stewardship] drive
though the sermons aren’t always short;
mow lawns and come to suppers;
teach Sunday school when
there’s no one else and they’ll miss the service.

Asked what they think of the minister,
or plans for the kitchen renovation,
or the choral anthem, or Christmas pageant
or color of the bathroom paint,
they’ll reply: individuals and fashions
arrive and pass.
The church – their church – will be here, steady and hale,
For a long, long time.
It will.
For long-haul people bless a church
with a very special blessing.