Sunday, May 6    Children begin in the sanctuary and are sung out to class. This morning we will explore Jesus as Healer by thinking about the stories of his miracles. What message do these stories have for us modern UUs? We will learn about KUUC’s Circle of Caring with Betsy Zimmerli.

Sunday, May 13 No RE. Children remain in the sanctuary for the whole service.  This is KUUC’s weekend at Ferry Beach. If you go I hope you are blessed with all the rest and restoration the oceanside can offer.

Sunday, May 20 Children meet at the benches by the RE bulletin board at 10am. Today we will explore the story of Jesus in the Temple in the Blocks area with leader Deborah Dunnell. Beginning at 10 allows the children a full hour for learning and building. After church there will be an informational meeting about KUUC’s 2018-19 budget. If you are planning to attend and would like child care, please contact Jill by 5/15.

Sunday, May 27 No RE. Children remain in the sanctuary for the entire service. Jill is off this morning.


Our Whole Lives in 2018-19

Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.) is the values-based sexuality education program developed by the UUA and UCC. This past church year, KUUC offered the grade 7-9 component, facilitated by Bridge Noone and Matt Aversa, to 14 youth from the Keene/Brattleboro area.

Demand for this program is high; last year we turned away 2 young people because the class was full. KUUC is exploring the idea of running it again in 2018-19, with a maximum enrollment of 12 participants. We are looking for a second facilitator to attend a 3-day training and then co-lead this class with Bridge. If you think you might be called to serve the community in this way, please get in touch with Jill for more information. If you know of someone who might be interested, please talk with them and get in touch with Jill. It is not necessary to be a member or friend of KUUC to facilitate this class. If you’re interested,  let’s talk about the possibilities.

O.W.L. is not just for middle school, either. It’s a lifespan program, with components for grades K-1, 4-6, senior high and adult groups as well. If you’re interested in seeing KUUC offer another component, or in facilitating a class for one of these other age groups, please get in touch with Jill.