Jill Hall, Director Religious Exploration –   kuucdre@gmail.com




Sunday, December 2: RE Class this morning is weather dependent. I hope the group will take a walking field trip to a labyrinth in the neighborhood, leaving KUUC at 10:05. If weather prevents, the children will begin in the sanctuary and then go to indoor class.

2:30-4:30 Our Whole Lives meets, Alliance Room.


Sunday, December 9: Children will begin in the sanctuary, except for our 6th grade students, who will be leaving on a field trip at 10:05 (once again, weather dependent). Adult helpers are needed for this morning.

11:30-12:30 RE Committee meets in the Alliance Room. All are welcome.

2:30-4:30 Our Whole Lives meets, Alliance Room.


Sunday, December 16: Children begin in the sanctuary and are sung out to the Undercroft, where they will create a modified labyrinth to share with the congregation. Please allow time to visit the labyrinth after the service.

2:30-4:30 Our Whole Lives meets, Alliance Room.


Sunday, December 23: Children will remain in the sanctuary this morning. The multigenerational worship service will include the No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant.   Our Whole Lives DOES NOT MEET TODAY.


Sunday, December 30: No RE this morning. Children are welcome to remain in the sanctuary. Please plan to spend some time at the pre-New Year’s Eve party at coffee hour. Our Whole Lives DOES NOT MEET TODAY.


No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant      The NRCP, as it is often abbreviated, is a joyous and joyful celebration of the Christmas story without the stress, practices, fussing over costumes and props, or nerve-wracking memorization of lines. I first participated in the NRCP in 2010, at First Parish Cohasset. I was a brand-new DRE at a congregation that was in the first year of a ministerial search. The Interim Minister was very familiar with this service and thought it would be just perfect. And it was. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been involved in the NRCP, but every time it is completely different, and it is always just perfect.

The NRCP is an improvisational retelling of the classic Christmas story from the gospel of Luke. A Narrator reads the story, and when they come to a character, they pause and say, “we need a Mary and Joseph.” Anyone willing to be Mary or Joseph then raises their hand, the Narrator or Stage Manager chooses two people and sends them off to the rear of the sanctuary to get the pre-selected props and a few simple instructions. Then Mary and Joseph follow the directions in the story as the Narrator continues to read. There will be several traditional carols to sing, again at the appropriate times in the story, and sometimes the singing gives the dressers a chance to costume everyone before the action resumes. Characters are added as the story comes to them, everyone will laugh, a lot or a little, someone will miss a cue, a microphone might be in the wrong part of the sanctuary, the indescribable beauty of this story will awaken the sanctuary and magic will happen.

I always look forward to the NRCP and I can’t wait to share it with you this year. If you are interested in helping as a dresser or with moving props, please let me know. If you are interested in being one of the characters, just come to church on 12/23 at 10am and raise your hand.

Solstice Labyrinth  –  I hope you will be able to join us on 12/16 after worship.

Over the past several weeks, the Sunday morning RE group has been exploring the idea of sacred, sacred space, sacred activity, sacred movement. Part of the explorations have included labyrinths. A labyrinth is a winding path with one entrance, one path to the center, and the same path out again to the exit. (as opposed to a maze, which has multiple entrances as well as dead ends and wrong turnings) Labyrinths have been known to humans for thousands of years, and continue to be a spiritual practice for countless people of many different faiths.

On December 16 the RE group will be creating a modified classical labyrinth (modified to fit the space) in the Undercroft. The children will invite the congregation downstairs after worship to walk the labyrinth as part of the spiritual preparation for the winter solstice and the many other holidays celebrated during the darkest time of year. If you’d like to read more about labyrinths, try these websites:

Veriditas and The Labyrinth Society