Carolyn Sweet, Music Director kuucmusic@gmail.com



Many thanks to all who provided music during the holiday season. It is lovely to have an opportunity to have the experience of celebrating the season with your community and to learn about and participate in new traditions.

As we move into 2019, I am looking forward to connecting with all of those who have reached out and offered their musical talents as a gift to share with the community. Look for an email soon which will ask you to provide details about the work you would like to share. I am eager to schedule special music for our upcoming services and Music Sunday.

On a personal note, the experience of sharing worship with all of you has been a blessing with many unexpected turns. It has challenged me as a musician and has surprised me with the breadth of musical selections and opportunity. It is very different then the sacred music I have specialized in previously! As I come to learn more about your tradition, I am excited to find ways that I might pursue my own spiritual journey and share with all of you the discoveries along the way. 

I wish all of you JOY and LOVE in the new year.