2018-19 Music Program

A new season of music is upon us and I am glad to be welcomed into your community. I look forward to the opportunity to share classical organ and early keyboard repertoire with you and I am excited to learn more about your faith path and accompanying musical traditions. I am hopeful that in our time together we will expand both of our musical taste and experience.

The choir will begin meeting on Thursday 8/30 at 7:30 pm and will continue with the usual schedule. I hope that you will feel invited to join us in sharing with the congregation and one another. Please be in touch as we will have a meet and greet that I hope you will join.

I invite the congregation’s musicians to introduce yourselves to me. I am eager that we find many opportunities to include each one of you in our time together. I am hopeful that this will include small ensemble and solo work. Thank you for the invitation to join with you in the upcoming year. I look forward to our time together.


Want to sing in the Choir?  Contact the office:  office@kuuc.org or 352-1719 for more information!