One of the highlights of our summer services this year was Mickey Cronin’s fascinating look at small group ministry where she described so perfectly the vital spiritual insights, sense of camaraderie and community that our Covenant Group program build within and between us.

Now that the new Church year is beginning, it is time for Covenant Group sign-ups.  Covenant Groups provide a sacred space to be fully heard and not judged, a meeting place to explore one’s own beliefs and consider the important spiritual questions, a small cohort with whom to meet regularly and to journey together, an opportunity to develop a service project for the church or in the community.

These small groups meet twice a month for two hours from October to May and are facilitated by trained Church members.  Covenant Groups follow a specific format including a chalice lighting, readings, participant check-in, and thought-provoking questions which lead to deep and meaningful discussions.  It has a goal of allowing participants to deepen their spiritual understanding and to grow in friendship.

If you would like to join a covenant group for the upcoming church year, please fill out the sign-up sheet and either leave it in the Covenant Group folder on the Welcome table or leave it in the Covenant Group envelope in the church office or email to Carolyn Antrim at If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Rev. Michael at 508-821-6092 or Carolyn Antrim at or 352-3237.  Sign-ups for Covenant Groups will run through September.  We plan to start our first groups by October.  We hope that everyone will join a covenant group – it may just change your life!