Perhaps you have heard from excited participants that Covenant Groups are one of the most nourishing aspects of church life here at KUUC. Covenant Groups are small circles of eight to ten people who gather, intentionally and regularly, to listen to each other. Through that listening, they allow each to hear his own heart or her own mind more clearly. Covenant Groups meet for two hours, twice a month from October to May. The groups are facilitated by trained volunteers whose gifts are to help participants go deep into their own insights, to lift up their spiritual wisdom, and to share it.

Though there will be several groups going at once, meeting at different times. Each will discuss the same topic in the same week. As often as possible, the topics will tie into sermon themes, UU values and adult education offerings. Covenant Groups are not therapy encounters nor are they discussion groups. They are intentional conversations about topics as diverse as aging, faith, ethics, activism and grace, all framed with a simple ritual in a consistent format.

Participants state that Covenant Groups create a depth of community for which people in our church have expressed a hunger and provide adult members and friends of KUUC with a place to nurture deeper relationships. The feminist theologian, Nelle Morton, spoke about the sacred place of “hearing into speech.” Listening will be an essential practice of our Covenant Groups as we give another a chance to plumb our experiences for insights, as we struggle for new awareness and learn to name what we know.

I hope you will consider joining a Covenant Group in the Fall. If you would like to sign up for a group, complete the registration form. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call Rev. Michael, 508-821-6092 or Carolyn Antrim, 352-3237, if you would like more information. (Adapted from a letter sent by Rev Sue Phillips in 2006)