Dear Friends,

Time goes by so fast! Cold nights are upon us, the Community Kitchen

breakfast has started up, snow plowing and removal contracts are due,

the Greens’ Sale is around the corner, and the advent season is about to begin.  It seems just yesterday the Board of Trustees’ meetings ended before sunset and while leaves were still green on the trees.  However soon we will celebrate the shortest day of the year, and my term as President of the Board of Trustees will be half gone.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be of service, and for the chance to meet more of the members of KUUC.

As December closes in, see if you can warm yourself with community or commitment at KUUC.   There are opportunities to give and receive with compassion, joy, laughter and song

Be warm on these cold and shortening days

Anne Branzell-Spiegler, President






Wonderful News From The Visioning Team:  We Have a New Mission Statement!!

After a year of hard work, organizing a Multi-Generational visioning process that would include the input the congregation, that would begin by identifying our congregational values and end with a new mission for our beloved KUUC—we have done it. The following is the new mission statement that we have created together:

“The people of KUUC are committed to actively creating compassionate community and working for a fair and peaceful world.” 

We believe the above statement to be all that the congregation and Visioning Team had wished: it is succinct, action-oriented statement of how we expect to live our congregational values: Community—Compassion—Commitment. We will soon finalize language that bridges the new mission to our Unitarian Universalist principles and the congregational values upon which it is based.

At this time the Visioning Team would like to thank two members who were critical to this process and its happy resolution. Without the leadership of Lucius Parshall and Talu Robertson this important endeavor might never have gotten off the ground. We are so very grateful to them and to you.

Your Visioning Team — Rebecca Baldini, Susan Chamberlain, Mickey Cronin, Rev. Michael Hall and Melinda Hildreth HonkalA


KUUC = Mission x (Compassion, Community, Commitment and Vision)

The Keene Unitarian Universalist Church is equal to its Mission times its Values and Vision