KUUC Staff 2016-17

Jill M. Hall, Director Religious Education

Vladimir Odinokikh, Choir Director and Accompanist

Vladimir Odinokikh returns to serve KUUC in the dual role of Choir Director and Accompanist. He leads weekly choir rehearsals on Thursday nights, welcomes new members to the choir, chooses choral music for worship services, and works closely with staff and lay leaders within the church.

Susan MacNeil, Office Administrator

Susan came to KUUC in December 2014 after a 15-year tenure as Executive Director of AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region and a longtime friend of KUUC.  She is responsible for managing administrative needs that support the work of Reverend Hall,  the requests of church members, and facility and event scheduling.

Ashleigh Kolasienski, Custodian

Ashleigh does an excellent job of keeping the facility in good shape.  She goes above and beyond to accommodate the special needs of events and renters while providing oversight when the church is closed.

Tim Kolasienski, Maintenance

Timtackles larger church projects to maintain the operation of the building as well as security during off-hours.