KUUC Staff 2017-18

Jill M. Hall, Director Religious Education        kuucdre@gmail.com






 Susan MacNeil, Office Administrator       office@kuuc.org


In March I was contacted by a business associate who invited me to join him as he grows his business. Although it is a good move for me professionally, I was hesitant to say yes without considering my personal commitment to the KUUC congregation.   As many of you know, I arrived at KUUC as the Office Administrator in December 2014 and spend 24 hours/week overseeing core tasks such as email response, calendar scheduling, website maintenance, payroll, Quickbooks accounting, substantial document production, Church Windows membership records and congregational interaction while also being a presence in the office three days a week.

So in an effort to not leave KUUC in the lurch, I proposed an alternative solution that would allow me to continue without major disruption. I’m delighted to report that the Board approved my plan.

Beginning Monday, April 1, my hours will be reduced from 24 to 10.  I will be in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30-11:30am, and work from home via GoToMyPC on Monday and Friday. Email response will continue to be timely and record-keeping will remain consistent in the critical core areas. Document production will be shared with Rev. Michael.

But the biggest change is that I won’t be in the office three days/week.   If you have an interest in volunteering to office sit and answer the phone on Monday and Friday from 10-2, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from noon-3; or if you have an interest in taking on our website management; please let me know at your earliest convenience!

We all know that “nothing is certain but change.” (Hercalitus of Ephesus: c. 535BC-475BC, Greek philosopher) I am delighted to remain involved in furthering the KUUC mission and look forward to our continued work together!