HELP WANTED –   Rev. Michael is looking for a volunteer willing to learn how to assemble the monthly Messenger and prepare it for distribution. This important task should only take a few hours toward the end of the month. When it is finished, simply send it to Rev. Michael for email distribution. Hopefully the interested candidate would start working on the June Messenger with the minister and commit to assembling the publication for the entire 2019-2020 “church year.” The Messenger is

ALTAR DECORATIONS – REVIVING A TRADITION     The Worship Committee would like to revive the longstanding tradition at KUUC of congregants providing Altar Decorations on Sunday mornings.  An Altar Decoration can be a flower arrangement, a seasonal display, artwork, or creative expression of your choosing.  It may be made in honor of or in memory of someone in your life or an event to commemorate.  It may be something just for fun and creativity.  If this is something that you would like to do please sign up on the board near the door of the Parish Hall and provide any information if you would like the altar decoration to be dedicated to someone or something.  On the day that you designate, please have the altar decoration in place by 9:30 Sunday morning.  Call 357-2675.  Rachael Walter

KUUC AMBASSADORS    One of the ways that we make certain that newcomers to KUUC feel welcome and have their questions answered is through our “Ambassadors” program. Ambassadors are individuals who have volunteered to be the first point of contact for people who are new to our church or to Unitarian Universalism.   Before each Sunday service, the Ambassador of the day will be introduced and asked to stand so our visitors know who they can talk to about KUUC. It is important to remember, however, that in some sense all members are Ambassadors so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone you don’t recognize. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador add your name to the sign-up sheet by the door to the Parish Hall.

ON THE INTERNET   If you are new to KUUC, please feel free to join us in the Private Facebook Group, Keene UU Church.    Simply click here:  and ask to join.  We will need to be able to recognize you as a friend or member.   In that this is a private group, please remember: you may not share the pictures in the group unless they are your own.  Sometimes there are photos of children whose parents may or may not want their child’s picture shared, as well as church members/friends.


ENJOY OUTINGS WITH KUUC OUTDOORS — KUUC Outdoors provides opportunities to experience the interconnected web of life and enjoy being outdoors together. We endeavor to plan a variety of events for participants of all ages, ranging from low to moderate levels of challenge. Recent excursions have included Bonnyvale Environmental Center, Guilford, VT and the Swanzey Historical Museum & Covered Bridges.

All activities are led by volunteer members of KUUC and depart from the church. The schedule is weather dependent and subject to change. To receive email updates and information contact: Tom Julius (603) 357-4521,

 2019 KUUC Outdoors Upcoming Events

                             July 7           Walk                                1pm             Distant Hill Gardens, Walpole

                             July 20        Night Sky                         8:30pm       Keene Amateur Astronomers Observatory, Sullivan

                             July 27        Berry Picking Hike          10am           Gap Mountain, Troy

                             Aug 18        Walk                                  1pm             Loverens Mill Cedar Swamp, Antrim

                             Sept 28        Paddle/Walk                   8:30am        Source to Sea Cleanup,  Ashuelot River, Keene/Swanzey

                             Oct 20         Hike Mt. Caesar              1pm             Swanzey

                             Oct 27         Partridge Berry Picking & Walk to Hurricane Brook          1pm             West Keene

                             Dec 7          Night Sky Observing        7pm             Keene Amateur Astronomers Observatory, Sullivan


The Summer season of Dance Connection will begin on July 10th and continue through August 14th. We meet on Wednesdays from 2-3pm in the Parish Hall! No dance experience necessary, and no fee required. Donations to cover the space gratefully accepted. Contact Carin Torp at or 603 357-7645 for information.

CANCELLED   THE CONTEMPLATIVE COMMUNITY TO MEET ON JUNE 19th   For the final time in the present “church year” the Contemplative Community will meet on Wednesday night, June 19th from 7 PM-8 PM in our beautiful Sanctuary. In its first year, the Contemplative Community met on the same day of the month and time of day, using the Alliance Room when the cold set in. Some us who have participated in the monthly sessions have found it “helpful in times like these,” and “very satisfying,” while some have been surprised that they would be able to, “just sit quietly and drink in the silence,” for an hour. Sometimes it is good to try something new and surprise yourself! Especially when that something invites peace into your day, opens your heart to compassion and slowly frees you from distracting and limited thinking.

One thing we haven’t yet been able to do, is gather a true community together, a core group of 5-7 people who are able to commit to coming each time while starting, or continuing, their own daily practice. However, we believe that it takes time to build communities, large or small, and so we will to continue to gather the Contemplative Community come September. Meanwhile, this summer we will experiment with different days and ways to make contemplative practices available to the people of KUUC.

CONTEMPLATIVE COMMUNITY DURING THE SUMMER    Week Long Evening Garden Meditation Practice (Week of July 29-Aug 2):      Although the Contemplative Community won’t be gathering at its usual monthly time and day during July & August, this summer we will offer something entirely different—a week-long evening practice!

The Deane Starr Memorial Cobblestone Garden is a lovely place to sit quietly and practice meditation, especially in the summertime. Why don’t you plan to join us, as we gather together each weekday evening from July 29th -August 2nd. We will sit and explore contemplative practices in the garden from 6:30-7:30 P.M. Should it be raining, we will meet in the Sanctuary.

COFFEE CONNECTION SUMMER GATHERINGS       On JULY 16th & AUGUST 6th the Coffee Connection will happen in the Alliance Room at KUUC! Please join Rev. Michael between 8:30-10:30 A.M. for this wide-open, monthly discussion group. Although it has been our custom to meet at different coffee spots around town this summer we will gather at the church. There is no set topic. We will discuss whatever is on your mind: the church, local issues, history, good books, the Swamp Bats, as you will. Bring your own hot or cold beverage.

FROM OUR FRIENDS IN ANIMATERRA      Animaterra, Keene and Monadnock’s women’s chorus, and Becky Graber, of the Brattleboro (VT) Women’s Chorus, together offer a session of “Summertime Sings for Women” this June. There will be three weekly rehearsals of summertime songs beginning June 4th: Singers will attend Tuesday evenings in Keene (at the UCC Church on the Square from 7 – 9) and/or Thursday mornings in Brattleboro (10 – 12 at the Brattleboro Music Center and Centre Church). The singers from two places will then combine in a culminating summertime sing, open to all, on Friday June 21 at the beautiful Sumner Knight Chapel in Keene, from 7 – 8:30. That sing will be part performance, and part singalong. For more information and to receive a registration form, contact Becky Graber at or call 254-8994.