“The people of KUUC are committed to actively creating compassionate community and working for a fair and peaceful world.”

Greetings Members and Friends of the KUUC!

As you know, we fell short of the very ambitious pledge goal that we set for the 2018-2019 church year. Your Board of Trustees is determined to turn the page, but not before we have absorbed all the lessons from this year and made some changes to avoid a repeat in ′FY 20.

First, we have decided to return to our practice of doing the annual Stewardship Campaign in the spring, before setting the new budget for approval at our June 9th Annual Meeting. Second, we are committed to creating a budget that is achievable and sustainable. Third, we are going to do everything possible to retire the “gap campaign” from becoming an annual event. Fourth, we are hoping to create budgetary goals that are specific, mission-oriented and attainable. Fifth, and finally, we need you to know that we understand that KUUC has issues to address but also strengths on which to build.

Although there have been budgetary challenges this year, there have also been bright spots. We are now generating substantial revenue from renting space to Growing Minds Preschool, and we recently completed a successful, one-time matching donation campaign to help offset some of the pledge shortfall. We have an extremely talented and hardworking staff. We are increasing our ability to reach out to the folks through Facebook but we will need to do more to attract people who share our principles, values and love for this city and the Monadnock Region.

With these things in mind, the Board of Trustees is setting our sights upon the attainable stewardship goal of $130,000, a number that we have reached in the recent past. Achieving this goal will make it possible for KUUC to accomplish our objectives, avoid a gap campaign and position us for growth in the coming year. With your help, we plan to get Stewardship right the first time. So, please pledge as generously as you can so that we can move on to the real work of our congregation—actively creating compassionate community and working for a fair and peaceful world.

We know that you all give to this community in many different and important ways. It is a truth that we hear nearly every Sunday: “You are a generous people.”

Sincerely yours,

Your KUUC Board of Trustees


    In 2019-2020: (Strategic, Sustainable & Visionary)

  • We will focus on growing into our mission & living our values: Commitment, Community & Compassion.

  • We will craft a budget that serves our needs and builds on our strengths, while trying to avoid a “close the gap” campaign.

  • We will create plans for each program and property area within the budget

  • We will begin strategic planning for growth and set long-term goals emphasizing our people, property, programs and congregational life in the 21st century.

What We Need from Each Other: (Three Ts & Three Cs)

  1. We Need Your Commitment: Share your ideas, attend Sunday services, spread the word about who we are and why people should know about us. We need you to talk about what we are doing well & think about new ways that we can be a more effective Unitarian Universalist congregation and community resource. We need your time & we value it.

  2. We Need Your Presence in this Community: Sometimes it may feel like all we are asking for during stewardship drives is money; to achieve the pledge goal we set for ourselves, to get you to increase your financial commitment—-but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We also need your company. We need your help taking care of this old building; we need to talk with you at coffee hour; we need you to lend your voice to the choir or serve up a hot breakfast to our homeless neighbors. We need your smile and your warm welcome. We need to hear your corny jokes when we are in the hospital. You have so many talents to share—some you don’t even realize.

  3. We Need Your Compassion: Our 7 UU Principles are only words without people trying to embody them. None of us are perfect, and we do not always see our own worth—-we need others to remind us that we are worthy. From time to time we do not always know where we are going, what we are doing and what we want from life—-that is why we need others to walk along the path with us. The truth is that some of us know what it is like to be treated unfairly, to not be warmly welcomed, or loved without being shamed, or made to feel guilty—that’s why we need to surround ourselves with people like you, who are kind to us. Your empathy, thoughtfulness and sense of fairness may be the greatest treasure that you can give.