“Journey Through Meditation & Music” on Sunday, February 17 at KUUC

Pianist/vocalist Eve Kodiak, and Native American-style flute player John Willard will perform a concert of guided meditation, improvisation, story, chant and silence at 4pm on Sunday, February 17. It will be held in the sanctuary at the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church (KUUC), 69 Washington Street in Keene NH.

In all sacred traditions, sound and music has been a tool for realignment; a gateway to healing and transformation. Willard was drawn into this world at age 15 when he traveled by canoe along ancient trade routes in northern Quebec with the Cree people. He first learned to play the Native American-style flute in the wilderness and has studied and performed with Grammy winning traditional artists.

Eve Kodiak brings decades of work as a professional musician, teacher, composer and recording artist to KUUC. Albums include The Return of Desire: Improvisations, with Grammy winner David Darling.

Although classically trained, Kodiak was never completely comfortable in the classical concert world. “It was too much pressure to not make a mistake,” she says. “And I hated the gulf between me and the audience. And I wanted to express what was exactly in that moment. So I began to improvise.” In her performances she seeks to engage the audience into a co-creative relationship, involving conversation, chant, and guided improvisation.

Kodiak and Willard met in a church in Fredonia, NY. Kodiak was on stage. When the music director asked for audience members to join in, Willard picked Kodiak as his improvising partner. The duo is delighted to come full circle with their own concert at KUUC.

Native American-style flute tradition includes playing in everyday life as well as in prayerful moments. Research indicates that the instrument had a prominent place in First Nation American culture; from the woodlands style of the east to the southwestern and Mojave styles of the west and prairies. Repression of the Native American culture and traditions caused the instrument to almost disappear from use until a renaissance began in the early 1900s. A second resurgence occurred in the 1970s, bringing this music to audiences all over the world.

Says Willard, “I began playing this flute from the heart. For me, this practice leads toward integration with inner stillness. It is a privilege to share this experience with others.”

Doors will open for general seating at 3:30 pm. Attendees are asked to make a freewill donation in any amount, and this offering will be given to KUUC to support their work in the community.

Refreshments will be served in the parish hall after the performance, and CDs will be for sale. There will be an opportunity to speak with the performers during the reception. For more information, visit kuuc.org, evekodiak.com, Facebook or call the KUUC office at 603.352.1719. To read the fascinating history of the flute from prehistoric times to present, visit flutopedia.com.

John Willard
John Willard, MS Management, stumbled upon the esoteric teachings of Taoism, Chan Buddhism, Zen, Sufism, and G.I. Gurdjieff in his late teens. Until age 29 he studied intensively and simultaneously with several mentors: a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, a student of G.I. Gurdjieff and early American Zen practitioner, and a master builder-contractor. For the next 30 years, John strived to help his design-build clients create a sense of place, a sense of space, and a sense of connection in their personal living spaces and lives. He strives to bring this sense of architecture, space and silence to his flute playing.

Eve Kodiak
Eve Kodiak holds degrees from Harvard University and the New England Conservatory of Music, and she discovered the alternate world of not-thinking through the practice of Zen Buddhism in her twenties. She has played and taught in a wild variety of venues, from symphony halls to preschools for homeless children, and has spent her professional life working with music and movement in relation to the human body and spirit. Recently moved to Keene, she is opening a new healing practice combining kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, kundalini yoga and sound. “Everything authentic begins from the silence and goes back home to silence. This is my practice in music and in life.”



Perhaps you have heard that a new kind of Month of Sundays experience is in the works? Well, you heard right. This year, Month of Sundays will not happen in an exhausting, if enjoyable and inspiring, single month but will be anchored by a monthly service in each month from March-June. This is in part because of the thoughtful input we have received from the congregation, and in part the gravity and enormous importance of this year’s theme: “The Call to Inclusion and Racial Justice.”  By having one service on aspects of the theme, it allows us to space out the necessary learning opportunities, public programs, creative expressions on the theme(s) and church-circle discussion groups. Such a topic will require time to process what we learn, feel and think, and how it might find expression and action from us, as individuals and as a community.

If you wish to be a part of the planning, our have an idea for a program, community gathering, a book suggestion for a group read please attend our first planning session. If you can’t be there or have an opinion that you want to share with the group, (or privately with Rev. Michael) please get in touch.

KUUC DIRECTORY FROM LIFETOUCH WILL ARRIVE SOON!    Deb McLay is working with Lifetouch to finalize the 2019 KUUC Directory!  Each person who had their photo taken receives an 8×10 photo and KUUC directory at no cost. Additional directories may be purchased for $5 each, with a minimum order from 10 people.  If you would like to purchase a directory, please contact Deb McLay at debmclay529@gmail.com.

ALTAR DECORATIONS – REVIVING A TRADITION     The Worship Committee would like to revive the longstanding tradition at KUUC of congregants providing Altar Decorations on Sunday mornings.  An Altar Decoration can be a flower arrangement, a seasonal display, artwork, or creative expression of your choosing.  It may be made in honor of or in memory of someone in your life or an event to commemorate.  It may be something just for fun and creativity.  If this is something that you would like to do please sign up on the board near the door of the Parish Hall and provide any information if you would like the altar decoration to be dedicated to someone or something.  On the day that you designate, please have the altar decoration in place by 9:30 Sunday morning.  Call 357-2675.  Rachael Walter   rachaelwalter@twc.com

KUUC AMBASSADORS    One of the ways that we make certain that newcomers to KUUC feel welcome and have their questions answered is through our “Ambassadors” program. Ambassadors are individuals who have volunteered to be the first point of contact for people who are new to our church or to Unitarian Universalism.   Before each Sunday service, the Ambassador of the day will be introduced and asked to stand so our visitors know who they can talk to about KUUC. It is important to remember, however, that in some sense all members are Ambassadors so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone you don’t recognize. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador add your name to the sign-up sheet by the door to the Parish Hall.

ON THE INTERNET   If you are new to KUUC, please feel free to join us in the Private Facebook Group, Keene UU Church.    Simply click here:  and ask to join.  We will need to be able to recognize you as a friend or member.   In that this is a private group, please remember: you may not share the pictures in the group unless they are your own.  Sometimes there are photos of children whose parents may or may not want their child’s picture shared, as well as church members/friends.


DANCE CONNECTION – WEDNESDAYS, 2-3PM, Parish Hall    The Winter season of Dance Connection continues from January through March on Wednesdays from 2-3pm in Parish Hall!  No dance experience necessary, and no fee required.  Donations to cover the space gratefully accepted.  Need more information?  Contact Carin Torp at carintorp@yahoo.com or 603 357-7645 for information.
SLICE OF FELLOWSHIP — FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1       Slice of Fellowship is a monthly potluck dinner open to all members and friends of KUUC and is held on the first Friday of every month during the church year in the parish hall.  Wine and cheese are at 5:30 followed by dinner at 6:00 pm.  Hosts, Chris Brunner and Jim Butterfield, have chosen a Happy Valentine’s Day Theme: share a favorite dish to fend away the mid-winter blues. You are asked to bring a veggie, main dish or dessert.  Please bring your own dishes, flatware and napkins.  Call Betty Forrest 357-1534 or email mandbforrest@myfairpoint.net  with any questions.
LIBERAL CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES DISCUSSION GROUP      The fellowship group will meet on Tuesday, February 5th at 5:00pm in the Alliance Room.  Our theme this month is “Love.”  This group is for anyone inspired by the teachings of Jesus or who identifies with aspects of Christianity and would like to share their experiences, feelings and insights in a supportive environment, and support one another’s spiritual growth and understanding. This group is guided by our fourth UU principle (“a free and responsible search for truth and meaning”) and free of the doctrine or dogma that has often characterized traditional institutional Christianity. The group usually meets at 5:00 PM on the first Tuesday of every month.  For more information, please contact Carol Stamatakis at cstamatakis@outlook.com or 603-863-4920/ 603-398-5389.
THE COFFEE CONNECTION — FEBRUARY 19, 8:30-10:30AM AT THE PUB IN KEENE   “Religious Discomfort,” will be the (initial) topic on Tuesday morning, February 19th, when the Coffee Connection gathers at The Works on Main St from 8:30-10:30 A.M.   Although there have been some truly rich conversations in the open format style we first adopted when the Coffee Connection began in October, some have wondered why more people couldn’t make one even mused, “maybe there should be a topic, at least to attract people and get them started.” The other reasons suggested included clarifying the time expectations—come when you are able to get there, leave when you need to go—the time of day—would afternoon be better—or the day itself.
For February, we will try having a topic that might give newcomers an idea about what we are about. People might have “Religious Discomfort” around many things: the church they were brought up in; the bewildering idea that they have joined a church at all; the difficulties explaining what Unitarian Universalism is to others who ask; negotiating addressing multiple theological perspectives in one gathering; the use or disuse of terms like “prayer” or “God,” “Goddess” or “worship; the name “church” rather than, say, “congregation,” “society” or other more people-orientated word. We will stay with the conversation as long as there is energy in it and open it up to conversations when that seems the right choice.   Give it try; good coffee, good people, good conversation all blending into one great morning!
LUNCH BUNCH  —  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20    Senior Lunch Bunch is a monthly potluck luncheon open to all senior members and friends of KUUC, an opportunity to meet and socialize with peers.  We meet on the 3rd Wednesday at Noon, October through May in the parish hall. Please bring your own dishes, flatware and napkins.  Call Betty Forrest at 357-1534, or email mandbforrest@myfairpoint.net with questions.   Note:  During the winter months if local schools are cancelled due to weather conditions, Lunch Bunch will also be cancelled.
THE CONTEMPLATIVE COMMUNITY  —  FEBRUARY 20, 7-8PM, KUUC Alliance Room     Are you are interested in contemplative practices but are having trouble getting started? Are you looking to reboot your daily practices, or feeling like your meditation practice (or prayer life or yoga sessions) have gotten stale? If so, you may want to spend some time practicing with others at the “Contemplative Community.” We meet on the third Wednesday evening of every month in the Alliance Room, from 7-8 P.M. There is always room for you and a friend to join us.
On February 20th we will explore the ancient monastic practice of Lectio Divina with Rev. Michael Hall as our facilitator. Our goal is not to spend too much time talking about the various practices we are looking at, but to maximize the time we spend together doing them.
As lectio is about reading sacred writing with intention and using that writing as the springboard to contemplation, you may want to bring a short reading from a source of inspiration, however you define that word—or one will be provided for you. Don’t study it advance or try to prepare for it—the Contemplative Community is a safe environment for learning something new.
KUUC OUTDOORS –- TAKE A HIKE WITH US!    KUUC Outdoors provides opportunities to experience the interconnected web of life and enjoy being outdoors together. We endeavor to plan a variety of events for participants of all ages, ranging from low to moderate levels of challenge.   All activities are led by volunteer members of KUUC and depart from the church. The schedule is weather dependent and subject to change. To receive email updates and information contact: Tom Julius (603) 357-4521, tjulius54@gmail.com
Jan 27, 1PM              Skating & Sledding            Robin Hood Park, Keene
Feb 16, 5:30PM       Moonlight Ski/Snowshoe  Otter Brook State Park, Rte 9, Roxbury
Mar 24, 1PM           Walk                                       Dillant Hopkins Airport Woods, Swanzey
KUUC FERRY BEACH GET-A-WAY WEEKEND!   Friday, May 10, Saturday, May 11, Sunday, May 12
 The KUUC Ferry Beach Committee is excited that we have changed our annual Ferry Beach Get-A-Way weekend to May. Ferry Beach is a Conference Center on Saco Bay in Maine. During the Spring and Fall weekends, the facilities are rented by UU Church groups. For the second year, we will be sharing Ferry Beach with the Bedford, MA UU Church. We have rooms reserved in Rowland, Cross Cabin and two Metz Cabins.
Our weekend is a wonderful intergenerational gathering. Imagine long walks on the beach, conversations in rocking chairs on the porch, playing board games, singing, joining various activities or just solitary time. The accommodations are rustic, but the setting is majestic.
Lodging: (for the weekend, 2 nights)
Rowland           $160/room (2 sets of bunk beds) (2 rooms w/ queen)
Cross Cabin      $240/room (queen bed, private bath)
Metz Cabin       $280/ cabin (living room with pull-out couch, bedroom full bed with twin bunk, bathroom, linen rental +$28)
Camping        Tent @ $56:  Trailer @ $64:  Large RV@$70
Food includes 4 meals provided by FBPA cook in the DeWolfe Dining Hall:  Sat. breakfast, lunch, dinner & Sun. breakfast
Adult          $60 (ages 13 years +)        Children     $40 (8-12 years)
 Registration and $100.00 deposit are due February 24, 2019 Full payment is due April 1, 2019.
 For further information visit the Ferry Beach table at Coffee Hour or contact Jim Peale or Carol McIntyre-Peale 357-7875 or at pealefamily@gmail.com