Carol White, KUUC Board President
“The people of KUUC are committed to actively creating compassionate community and working for a fair and peaceful world.”

The temperature was near or below zero when the Board met the evening of Martin Luther King Day but the alliance room was nice and warm.  My hope is that this will become the new normal as Jim Butterfield reports that our heating system is fully operational.  Both boilers are now functional and share the heating load.  The defective water circulator necessary to heat the sanctuary and the broken thermostat in the library have also been replaced.

This does not mean that our heating journey has ended.  Bills regarding the work needed to get the system working will be reviewed and there will be a review of the most efficient thermostating to heat the various parts of our building with cost in mind.  Of course, we also hope we are not celebrating our new-found heat prematurely. This has been an enormous and continuous job.  Jim Butterfield, you are the greatest!  Both your time and expertise have been invaluable.  Thank-you.  Thank-you.  Thank-you.

Bob Hill has also been working behind the scenes, as he often does, to ensure the Washington Street entrance remains clear of ice.  Thank-you, Bob.  Due to Bob’s excellent work, the daycare children and parents will now be using this entrance.

The door lock codes will be changed soon.  Everyone who needs these codes will be given notice of this change prior to this happening.

The Board has spent a lot of time discussing budgeting concerns and feel that it is important to bring these issues before the whole congregation.