As we approach what many consider to be the resumption of regular worship services on Sept 8, I want to thank all those involved with our summer services. They have been excellent! Thanks are also due to Vicky Keller, Deb McLay, Hazel Erdoben, and Melinda Hildreth Honkala for launching our upcoming Rummage Sale. Thanks also to Betsy Zimmerli and the rest of the Circle of Caring for reaching out to KUUC members in need.

Special thanks (yet again) to the Hills, Bob for his diligence, skill, and creativity at solving various property problems both at our church property and at our Taylor St. rental property, and Carol for all her hard work on our church’s gardens. They are both doing much more work than any one person should be responsible for, and I urge all who are able to reach out to one or both of them to lend a hand. I can attest to their both being fun to work with and patient, cheerful instructors to those, such as myself, who have little or no skill at property maintenance or gardening. Although I am sure they would welcome volunteers with experience, lack of experience is no barrier.

On a completely different note, I would like to challenge ourselves (myself included) to do a better job of being welcoming to those with different views from ourselves. Ours is a liberal church, but that does not mean that KUUC members, friends, and visitors with conservative and libertarian political views should be disrespected. Yet this is too often the case. We need to be able to get beyond the polarizing and sometimes hate-filled rhetoric from Washington and to strive to understand that there are approaches to our 7 principles that do not require a politically liberal viewpoint.

I have also heard occasional statements that make our Christian congregants feel unwelcome. I suspect I know why this happens. Many of us have rejected the Christian hierarchy and/or theology we grew up with, and, as a result, may feel disdain about Christianity. Please remember that the Christians among us are here because they too believe in inclusivity, and they may well be doing a better job practicing it than the rest of us are.

Let us be truly welcoming to all who share our principles and look to us for community, no matter what experiences or perspectives they bring.

-John Walter, Board Chair