Dear KUUC Friends,

“Where the search ends and the journey begins.”

This, we proclaim at the very top of our website, is KUUC; is our experience and our invitation.

The energy here around the journey we share in this faith and its people (that would be us) is palpable.  Do you really understand how well you embody our powerful faith here?  Just this past Saturday you rallied in appreciable force around our children for better safety in our children’s schools, better gun control.

Every morning during the week you open our doors to be sure the hungry are fed.  Uncounted times during the week you host community groups of one sort it another that offer folk hope and fulfillment.  And then there is the wonder of what happens here on Sunday mornings.  Jill Hall and her dedicated volunteers make sure that the children who come here have a safe, enriching, and joyful experience.  Vladimir and our choir offer music that fills our hearts with peace and inspiration.

Annie Dillard said, “There is no one but us…only us, unfit, not yet ready…having each made a false start, yielded to impulse…and grown exhausted, unable to seek the thread, weak and uninvolved.  But there is no one but us, there never has been.”

Our KUUC Board is calling on us to close the financial gap we have without the important rental income we once had, and hope to have one day again.  You have answered this call before, and I believe we can say, “Yes, I can help” again this year.  This is how we make the journey we seek possible.  I will do my part, and pledge 10 percent of the honorarium you are so generously giving me this spring.  That is a $532 pledge.  This congregation is, and you are the heartbeat of so much good work in the name of our faith.  Closing the gap is how we make it possible.

And speaking of the journey we share and its possibilities, please read my column about important events and decisions to be made in our wider UU faith in northern New England.

In faith in us and our faith, Olivia




APRIL 2018

April 1: Kali Frye

April 8: Olivia Holmes (Sabbatical Minister)

April 15: Rev. Mark Glovin

April 22: Rabbi Amy Loewenthal (Congregation Ahavas Achim)

April 29: Music Sunday (KUUC)

May 2018

May 6: Olivia Holmes (Sabbatical Minister)

May 13: Rev. Sylvia Stocker (Brunswick, ME)

May 20: Young Adult Group (KUUC)

May 27: Rev. Hank Peirce (Reading, MA)

JUNE 2018

June 3: Hazel Erdoben (KUUC)

June 10: “Gratitude Sunday” (KUUC)

June 17: Olivia Holmes (Sabbatical Minister)

June 24: Summer Services Begin