2017-18 STEWARDSHIP CAMPAIGN:  CONSIDER MAKING AN EARLY PLEDGE      Our Stewardship Campaign officially kicks off on Sunday, October 16th. But you don’t have to wait until then to make your pledge. You can pledge now!  An early pledge will enable us to have reliable income until the Stewardship Campaign ends, and allow us to reduce the amount of time we spend talking about the pledge campaign!  GO TO THIS LINK:

This year, we are holding our Stewardship Campaign in the Fall for the first time. We operate on a July 1 – June 30 fiscal year. Your pledge will support the budget that was passed at Annual Meeting this past May and that went into effect 7-1-17. This means that at the moment we are operating on faith!

The budget that was passed in May depends on $145,669 in revenue from pledges. This amount represents is an increase of nearly 8% from the amount pledged to support the 2017 budget. There will be a link on our website to record your pledge. You will also have the opportunity to extend your pledge, pro-rated, through the end of December. This will provide us with much-needed stability through the Fall of 2018.

Pledge cards will be available through the church office and on the welcome table. Please contact Carol Stamatakis with questions or if you would like to know your pledge amount for last year.

UU CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES DISCUSSION GROUP  – December 5      This group is an opportunity for people inspired by the teachings of Jesus or who identify with aspects of Christianity and would like to share their experiences, feelings and insights in a supportive environment, and support each other’s spiritual growth and understanding.  This group is guided by our fourth principle (“a free and responsible search for truth and meaning”) and free of the doctrine or dogma that has often characterized traditional institutional Christianity. The group may discuss Bible readings or other sacred texts, books or films, invite guest speakers, contribute to worship services or do other activities.  The day, time and frequency of meetings will be decided by the group.  Meetings are held in the Alliance Room on the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more, please contact Carol Stamatakis at or 603-863-4920/603-398-5389

COFFEE HOUR NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION    Welcome back to a new church year!  This year, I will continue to come in to make the coffee each Sunday, and again, refreshments will be potluck.  As I strive to keep the kitchen appropriately stocked, please let me know if you have a favorite tea you would like to have available, or a particular sweetener.  And please consider bringing some healthy treat in for refreshments for everyone, such as pretzels, or cheese slices.  If everyone contributes something once a month, we will have a nice array to fuel our bodies for conversation and catching up with friends.

KUUC AMBASSADORS  One of the ways that we make certain that newcomers to KUUC feel welcome and have their questions answered is through our “Ambassadors” program. Ambassadors are individuals who have volunteered to be the first point of contact for people who are new to our church or to Unitarian Universalism.  Before each Sunday service, the Ambassador of the day will be introduced and asked to stand so our visitors know who they can talk to about KUUC. It is important to remember, however, that in some sense all members are Ambassadors so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone you don’t recognize. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador add your name to the sign-up sheet by the door to the Parish Hall.

COMING IN JANUARY—MONTH OF SUNDAYS   This year the “Month of Sundays” program will focus on the “Joy of Community,” with the main goal of enjoying each other’s company and reveling in our community before we begin our sabbatical with Rev. Michael. There will be community meals and programming each Friday night, field trips each Sunday afternoon and other activities on Wednesday afternoons and/or evenings.  So don’t you go anywhere in January 2018.  There is still time to cancel any vacation plans that you have already made.   Let’s make that time of transition a time of joyful celebration so that when minister is away from the church both the congregation and minister know that we are ready for a period reflection and renewal, rather than worry.  If you would like to join in the fun of planning Month of Sundays, or have an idea for an event in January, contact Rev. Michael,


POETRY GROUP MOVES TO A NEW DAY  –  Join us on the fourth Monday at 7PM in the church library.  Please bring poems to read and discuss as well.  Plan on leaving a copy of each poem to add to our archive.  NO MEETING IN DECEMBER.

DANCE CONNECTION WITH CARIN TORP  –  Wednesdays at 2pm in the Parish Hall.  Fall session a bit sporadic, so contact Carin Torp or look for schedule posted on the “Community News” bulletin board to find out class dates!       Carin 357-7645 or

KUUC OUTDOORS   Meet at KUUC, 69 Washington St, Keene at 1pm to depart

Sunday, December 10 Hike to the Pinnacle – Fitzwilliam NH   This is a 2+/- mile hike on moderate terrain. The Pinnacle is the site of the Fitzwilliam Ski Area originally built in the late 1940’s and associated with the Fitzwilliam Inn. The area closed in the 1970’s but artifacts of the lifts still remain.   Info/photos of the old ski area visit:   Wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather!   Contact Carole Mills, 

Sunday, January 14, 2018      Robin Hood Park, Skating & Sledding



ONE MORE WAY TO SUPPORT KUUC    At Coffee Hour on December 3 and December 17, Beth Caldwell will sell In One Place, a handbook for organizing important documents. By filling in the blanks in this handbook, you will create a comprehensive resource which catalogs all your financial, insurance, legal, medical and digital/password information “in one place”. The basic version sells for $20, while the deluxe version (which includes a heavy duty 1.5″ binder, labelled tabs, and 20 sturdy sheet protectors) costs $35. A portion of each sale will be donated to KUUC.

Slice of Fellowship – Friday, December 8   Open to all members and friends of KUUC. This month (on the second Friday) we will meet in the Alliance Room at 5:30 pm to celebrate this joyous season. Please bring a hearty hors d’oeuvre to share and your beverage of choice. Darcy Doyle, Carolyn Allen and Suzanne Morin will be hosting this event. Dishes and tableware will be supplied.  Contact Betty Forrest at 357-1534, or email with questions

Lunch Bunch – Wednesday, December 20    Senior Lunch Bunch is a monthly potluck luncheon open to all senior members and friends of KUUC, an opportunity to meet and socialize with peers.  We meet on the 3rd Wednesday at Noon, October through May in the parish hall.  Please bring your own dishes, flatware and napkins.  Call Betty Forrest at 357-1534, or email with questions.


Everyone is invited to join the Ansevin-Allen Family on December 25 at 12 Noon for a Christmas Day Potluck.  Please sign-up (if possible) in the Parish Hall to indicate what you might bring and the number of people attending.  All are welcome to break bread, share stories and enjoy fellowship together at Christmas.  If you have questions, contact Scott Ansevin-Allen at 313-2549.  Merry Christmas!


Learn About The Green Dot Initiative    The Monadnock Progressive Alliance (MPA), a local grassroots community action group, has invited Vicky Pitman and Julie Woodbury-Johnson to speak about the Keene Green Dot initiative.  Keene Green Dot is a bystander-focused initiative aimed at reducing the rates of power-based personal violence. The overview talk introduces the basic elements of the Green Dot strategy while using persuasive and inspirational language to engage participants in immediate action. The basics of this speech are used to introduce Keene members to Green Dot etc., generate community-wide buy-in, and begin the process of behavioral change.  Registration is required.  Contact Julie at or call her at 603.352.3844 ext. 203 to reserve you space by January 10th.

Keene Green Dot Overview Presentation at KUUC

A Bystander Initiative to Reduce Power-Based Personal Violence

Wednesday, January 17th  .  6:30-8:00pm  .  Alliance Room

Save the Dates for Ferry Beach Get-A-Way Weekend!  May 11, 12 & 13, 2018    We will be sharing Ferry Beach with the Bedford, MA UU Church. We have been assigned 9 rooms, 7 in Quillen and 2 in Rowland as well as 3 rooms in the Cross Cabin.   Sign-ups will be on a first come basis.  We know that it is Mother’s Day Weekend. Bring Mom and help her celebrate with a relaxing weekend. If you need to return to Keene for Mother’s Day, leave after breakfast and be back in Keene by noon.   More information contact Jim Peale & Carol McIntyre-Peale:

For more information, contact the office:, 352-1719