Thank you for all your financial support in the last year!  KUUC has made a difference for people in the community and our congregation, with your support.  Just a reminder that we are still working on implementing the new pledge system of a Fall pledge drive, but have not yet shifted our actual church budget year, which is July 1 – June 30.

Please know there will be the full pledge drive in a few months, but we ask you not to forget that the church is still open during the summer, with ongoing bills to pay.  We request that if you have been making regular payments to the church, you continue during the summer.  Or if you anticipate what your 2018-19 pledge will be, and would like to pay some or all early on, that would be excellent.  Any financial support you make from July 1st on, unless you had previously designated it for this fiscal year, will be put towards your new pledge commitment in the fall.

We appreciate your early financial support as we carry on during summer, welcoming Rev. Michael with fresh ideas back to our halls, and the Board with plans for some exciting new initiatives.          -Andrea Ansevin-Allen, KUUC Treasurer


ALTAR DECORATIONS – REVIVING A TRADITION     The Worship Committee would like to revive the longstanding tradition at KUUC of congregants providing Altar Decorations on Sunday mornings.  An Altar Decoration can be a flower arrangement, a seasonal display, artwork, or creative expression of your choosing.  It may be made in honor of or in memory of someone in your life or an event to commemorate.  It may be something just for fun and creativity.  If this is something that you would like to do please sign up on the board near the door of the Parish Hall and provide any information if you would like the altar decoration to be dedicated to someone or something.  On the day that you designate, please have the altar decoration in place by 9:30 Sunday morning.  Call 357-2675.  Rachael Walter

KUUC AMBASSADORS  One of the ways that we make certain that newcomers to KUUC feel welcome and have their questions answered is through our “Ambassadors” program. Ambassadors are individuals who have volunteered to be the first point of contact for people who are new to our church or to Unitarian Universalism.   Before each Sunday service, the Ambassador of the day will be introduced and asked to stand so our visitors know who they can talk to about KUUC. It is important to remember, however, that in some sense all members are Ambassadors so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone you don’t recognize. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador add your name to the sign-up sheet by the door to the Parish Hall.

ON THE INTERNET If you are new to KUUC, please feel free to join us in the Private Facebook Group, Keene UU Church.    Simply click here:  and ask to join.  We will need to be able to recognize you as a friend or member.   In that this is a private group, please remember: you may not share the pictures in the group unless they are your own.  Sometimes there are photos of children whose parents may or may not want their child’s picture shared, as well as church members/friends.



A Coffee Hour Farewell will be held for Nancy Mellish on Sunday, August 12 after church. Please bring your brunch contributions of finger foods and/or a cool beverage. Nancy has been a member of KUUC since May 9, 1965! She has been President of the Board two times, made coffee for coffee hour every Sunday, was on the nominating committee as well as the committee to select a minister, chaired the greens sale, helped with food for events, and was a member of the Circle of Caring. Her positive spirit has been a wonderful contribution to the church and she will be missed!

SLICE & LUNCH BUNCH RETURN IN THE FALL – Your two favorite monthly KUUC events will take return in September!  Please note your calendars.

KUUC OUTDOORS UPCOMING EVENTS    – For KUUC Outdoors information contact Tom Julius, 603-357-4521,  
Aug 5      Pitcher Mtn Berrying                  Stoddard
Sept 22   Andres Institute of Art Walk     Brookline
Sep 29    Source to Sea River Cleanup    Keene
Oct 14     High Blue Hike                           Walpole


We have rented out the former Montessori space as of August 1 to Little Learner’s Daycare.  The RE block room is locked and continues to be reserved for the RE program.  The second RE classroom will now be rented, and those activities will relocate to the second floor. Our sincere thanks to everyone who is providing assistance to make the space ready for our new renters.