JUNE 2017 – Events & Activities


Slice of Fellowship is a monthly potluck dinner open to all members and friends of KUUC and is held on the first Friday of every month during the church year in the parish hall. Wine and cheese are at 5:30 followed by dinner at 6:00 pm. This month’s theme is a mystery. Bon appetite!

FINAL DANCE CLASS WITH CARIN  – The last day of dance class is Wednesday, June 7, 2pm in the Parish Hall.   

 #UUWhiteSupremacyTeach-in Continues  Submitted by Wendy Byrn and Mary Heafy

Two-thirds of all congregations in our UU movement participated in the teach-in, which was created by three UU religious educators to examine how white supremacy plays out in UU spaces, including within congregations.  KUUC had a strong turnout at the service on May 7 and the conversation that followed the service.

Some of us have gathered together since Rev. Michael’s sermon on White Supremacy to decide what action we wanted to take next in our lives.  We have decided to start by learning more about the history and current situation for people of the global majority. We will be starting a weekly book group on Wednesday June 7th at 7 o’clock at KUUC in the Sanctuary.  Our first read will be The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.  Books will be available for purchase at Toadstool or Amazon.   Sign up by calling the church office or at coffee hour; we will send you a study guide. Join us as we continue to learn together.


Attend GA in New Orleans without leaving the comfort of your home, June 21-25. KUUC will have delegates on-site at General Assembly (GA) this year but did you know that much of GA is available through streaming?  Anyone can participate in discussions and off-site delegates can even vote!  The worship service on Sunday morning is inspiring and moving.  It would be great to view it together as one of our summer services.

From the UUA website: “Technology has re-shaped the meetings landscape in recent years—providing new opportunities to connect General Assembly (GA) on-site participants with those who cannot attend in person. GA is transforming from an event at which one needs be present to experience into a hybrid meeting—incorporating off-site delegate participation, live-streaming of events, and social media to create an interactive experience for on-site and remote attendees.”    Here is the link to the schedule http://www.uua.org/ga/off-site


Eva Goulette of Dancing Jaguar Inspirations is renting the Parish Hall for a one-week children’s (ages 5-10) Spirit Camp!  The curriculum includes yoga, drumming, meditation, nature, breathwork and mindfulness.  Children will learn how to self-nurture and self-regulate while having fun!

Eva lives in northern Maine and is holding camps across the country this summer.  She will host a FREE introductory session at KUUC on Saturday, June 3 from Noon – 4pm. The two modules she will be sharing are:

Energetic Protection Against Bullying

Bullying is an issue that touches almost every child’s life at some point in time. Whether a child witnesses someone being bullied or is the victim of bullying, its effect on a child’s life is felt on an emotional, energetic, and sometimes physical level.  This workshop teaches children how to protect themselves energetically from the hurtful words and actions of others.  By invoking the powers of some of their favorite childhood superheroes, children will learn how to “power up” when they need protection.  The last exercise in the class assists the children to reclaim whatever personal power they have lost as a result of being bullied.  Children leave this class taller and more confident than when they arrived!

Chakra Shenanigans

In this fun and interactive workshop, we use the analogy of plumbing to help children understand how to work with the energy in their bodies. In our homes, we know that the water is in the pipes, but in order to access it we must turn the faucets on and off.  To access the energy in our bodies, we learn to turn the “faucets” on and off.  Children learn that they have energy systems in their bodies called “chakras.”  When they are having a good day, feeling happy and joyful, it’s because all of their chakras (the faucets) are open, and energy can flow through and around them.  When they are having a bad day, are frustrated, grumpy, anxious, or angry, they are experiencing one of their chakras (faucets) being closed.  During this workshop, children learn how to open their chakras (their faucets) so they are empowered with the knowledge that they can alter their emotional life when they are having a difficult time.  In this way, children are learning resilience and self-nurturing techniques that will set them up for success as they grow.

For more information, visit her website www.dancingjaguarinspirations.com, or email eva@dancingjaguarinspirations.com.


COOK, the Community Orchestra Of Keene, will perform a short concert at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 14th in the sanctuary at KUUC.  The mixed-age ensemble under the direction of Don Baldini will play selections ranging from Harry Potter to Motown.  All are welcome, come and see if you would like to join us next semester!

KUUC OUTDOORS – Sunday, June 25 – Meet at KUUC, 1:00pm


Perched on a sheet of granite lies a 40- ton rounded boulder. Tippin Rock is a massive glacial erratic boulder that can be made to sway gently with a shove of the shoulder in just the right place. It has been a hiking destination for more than a century.

A good hiking trail leads to the Tippin Rock and Hewes Hill cliffs. The trail starts in a hayfield on Warmac Road, rises up to the Tippin Rock, continues on to a stunning lookout, and then makes its way across the top of the cliffs. The trail to Tippin Rock from the field is about 1/2 a mile and an easy walk with an elevation gain of 320 feet. From the field to the ledges outlook and back is 1.8 miles, round trip.

For information contact Tom Julius: tjulius54@gmail.com or 357-4521