Check the Calendar/ Schedule Meetings

Please contact Susan to inquire about scheduling a meeting.

Church Office Hours

The office is open from 9:30-5 on Monday, Thursday and Friday each week.  As usual, it’s always a good idea to call or email first to make sure Susan is available if you need her assistance.

Rev Michael’s Office Hours for the Summer

Rev. Michael will be spending much of the Summer in study, on vacation, in planning meetings and visiting with people in their homes. If you would like to have a visit with him, or to meet with him at the office, please contact him by phone (508)821-6092 or email rev.michaelkucc1824@gmail.com to make an appointment.

Circle of Caring:                                Martha Bauman, Betsy Zimmerli, Andi Johnson

Covenant Group Council:               Carolyn Antrim

Fundraising:                                      Open

Greens Sale:                                      Open

Investment:                                        John Bordenet

Membership:                                     Open

Music                                                  Matt Aversa

Personnel:                                         Carolyn Antrim

Property:                                            Open – contact Bob Hill

Religious Exploration:                      Barbara Bryce

Senior Lunch Bunch:                        Betty Forrest

Shawls of Love:                                  Darcy Doyle

Slice of Fellowship:                            Betty Forest, Sue Segal

Social Action/Green Sanctuary:       Nancy Brigham, Ann Shedd

Stewardship:                                      Open

Ushers:                                                Tom Haynes

Wayside Pulpit:                                   Vicki Keller

Welcoming Congregation:                Open/Inactive

Worship:                                              Rachael Walter