“The people of KUUC are committed to actively creating compassionate community and working for a fair and peaceful world.”

As your new president I wanted to let everyone know that I am looking forward to a good church year and welcome all input and suggestions. The executive board meets the 2nd Monday of each month and decides on an agenda for the full board meeting the following Monday. If anyone has anything that they would like to have considered, please email me at or just talk to me during coffee hour.  Any ideas will be brought to the executive board but may require further information, clarification etc. before being taken up by the full Board.

As you know we have again rented a portion of the downstairs rooms to Little Learners Day Care.  (The block room remains ours and will be locked).  Many thanks go out to all the helpers in getting this space ready.

Some of the areas that the Board is working on now include:

-Accurately getting present information on functioning committees and communication with the board. This includes identifying standing committees that need a Chairperson so the nominating committee can be made aware of this need.

-Arranging to have several church wide meetings on the heating issues so a vote on how to proceed can be made.

-Starting discussions church wide on Black Lives Matter and if we as a church want to show our support to this movement and challenge ourselves to face some of the issues.  We are discussing starting book groups to address our beliefs as well as more general discussion.  A number of UU churches have hung Black Lives Matter banners.  Is this something we as a church want to do?

-We also want to start having a collection once a month for a cause outside the church. We are still working on exactly how this will look but one idea is to have input on the organization chosen each month come from the older youth in our congregation.

I cannot emphasize enough that everyone’s input is important. As a community living our mission both with each other and in the community is a goal I believe we all share.

-Carol White, KUUC Board President