KUUC = Mission times (Compassion, Community, Commitment and Vision)

The Keene Unitarian Universalist Church is equal to its Mission times its Values and Vision.

On behalf of the steering committee, I want to say thank you to all the members of the congregation, the children and youth, the KUUC Board of Trustees, and all the facilitators who gave up a beautiful Sunday to take part in the second workshop on our journey to shaping our vision and revising a mission statement for the KUUC which will reflect the collective direction in which we want our community to go for the next five to ten years.

We began our work after a wonderful Greek themed coffee hour hosted by Carol Stamatakis in honor of her father’s memory, and a working lunch of Greek salad prepared by Rebecca Junnila Baldini, Christine Parshall and others.

We looked at ways in which experiences or observations of the KUUC have helped form our vision of how we want to be.  Those experiences/observations were the base from which a series of statements were created – statements which expressed the highest ideals the KUUC brings to this congregation and the larger community.

These statements will provide the base for a final workshop to be held in the fall of 2017, at which time the congregation will put the ideals we have articulated into a more defined form of actions and processes by which the mission of the KUUC is made real to all.