“The people of KUUC are committed to actively creating compassionate community and working for a fair and peaceful world.”

It is fall and a new church year has begun.  It was a fun beginning with Jill’s unbelievably good storytelling and even getting me out there as the village elder.  I loved having some of our youth participating in the service and hope they and the young at heart enjoyed the ice cream sundaes at the potluck afterwards.

There are a number of events and planning that needs to happen this fall.  One of the church’s ongoing concerns has been the lack of heat, at times in the past, in the sanctuary.  The Board has been working on having a whole congregational meeting to discuss our options for improving the heat in the sanctuary.  The whole congregational meeting will take place after coffee hour on Sunday, 10/28, in the sanctuary.  Key issues, recommendations, and estimated expenses will be shared.  The objective will be to get congregational feedback and to identify any additional issues that need to be resolved.  Thank you Carl Jacobs, Mark Meess, John Lowry, and Deb McLay for all your work preparing for this meeting.  We hope as many people as possible will attend.

Senior Lunch Bunch is resuming as well as Slice and we welcome back those of us who were away for the summer.  We are also starting to plan many of the traditional activities of the church during this season including a rummage sale on 10/13 and the Greens Sale on 12/1.  Volunteers are still needed and very welcome for these events.  I hope everyone will come to the Involvement Fair on 10/7 at coffee hour to learn more about the various opportunities to get involved at KUUC.

As informal organizer of berry bowl making for the Greens Sale I would like to put in a plug for people to come to help with this, learn how to make berry bowls and enjoy the company of others in the congregation as we all create these beautiful bowls for the holidays.  (If you are new, ask others about this tradition at KUUC.)  Berry picking for the berry bowls is already scheduled for Saturday, 10/20, at 1p with Suzanne Butcher leading us into the woods.  After coffee hour on Sunday, 11/4, the bowls will be put together and on Sunday, 11/25, they will be covered.  Darcy Doyle and Gerry Frederiksen will be there to share their expertise and help those just learning this craft.  Experienced berry bowl makers and those who have never done this before are welcome.

A third Sunday collection will start on 10/21.  This is an opportunity for us to contribute to a cause in the greater community outside of our walls.  Anyone interested in being part of the decision making on this please let Rev Michael or a Board member know.

Lastly, but possibly most importantly, we will soon be starting our stewardship campaign.  Your pledge keeps all the church’s programs going throughout the year and helps us live our mission.  I hope everyone will make as generous a pledge as possible.  Increased pledges will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you Carol Stamatakis and Joan Roelofs for your work on this campaign.

-Carol White, KUUC Board President