We know at least three things about the future of Unitarian Universalism:

  1. Organized religion is changing at breakneck speed as more people look for forms of spiritual community that better meet their needs for meaning, personal fulfillment and companionship.

  2. Our Unitarian Universalist tradition and principles speak directly and powerfully to many of these people, even if our traditional ways of being in community do not.

  3. Unitarian Universalist leaders of all types are pioneering new ways of being in community, worshiping, educating, expressing creativity, leading social justice and starting up social enterprises that give exciting expression to our faith.

The UUA seeks faith development professionals to lead a structured, pilot process in the congregations they serve to dismantle white supremacy in religious education programming. The process is for congregations of any size, staff configuration and geographic location, and with any level of anti-racism experience.   The program begins in November and applicants must commit to participation through June 2019.   Before applying, please read details and view this informational webinar. Applications are due by October 26.