10 Suggestions for a Healthy Congregation

1.  Always be kind to one another, even if you think meanness is justified.
2.  Always attribute the best possible motives to one another, even when you do not understand one another’s words and actions.
3.  Promise to one another only what you really intend and are capable of delivering.
4.  Laugh and cry together, sharing both your joys and your heartaches.
5.  Be very quick to praise one another, and very slow to criticize.
6.  Defend one another.
7.  Accept one another’s gifts with gratitude; accept one another’s deficiencies with grace.
8.  Do not tell one another how to feel.  Remember that feelings are facts and treat them accordingly.
9.  Greet each day with expectation and each of rest with thanksgiving.
10.  Let your eyes light up when you come into one another’s presence.

By UU Minister Rev. Newell Deane Starr, 1996